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Recommend a PS2 game please.

Lothar Hex

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Gregory Horrow Show is a good one.

Dissapointing. Some fun characters but it rather annoying to play.

Ratchet & Clank 3 - more of the same but bigger, louder and better.

Colin McRae 4 - best rally game ever, especially with a good wheel for the PS2 version.

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While I'd say Rallisport 2 is the best rally game ever, CMR4 is fucking great and isn't far behind. By far the best CMR game this gen, but what the hell happened with the other two? CMR3 was as dull as ditch water, and the handling in CMR5 was atrocious.

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A few more recommendations:

Killer 7

Maximo vs Army of Zin

Dragon Quest 8

Champions of Norrath (4 player co-op)

Return to Norrath (if you enjoy the above.)

Project Zero 2 & 3

Forbidden Siren 2

Haunting Grounds

Shadow of Rome

Onimusha 2 & 3

Kingdom Hearts 1 (NTSC version only)

Kingdom Hearts 2 (due soon)

Singstar (pick your preferred music style.)

Earth Defense Force 2 (Japanese import, PAL coming soon.)

Genji (if you like Onimusha)

Time Crisis 3

Socom 3 (Only for Online play, it is free)

Ghosthunter (I like it now.)

Cold Winter (already mentioned, decent FPS.)

Smash Court Tennis 2 (Better than Top Spin or Virtua Tennis 2)

Rise To Honor (worth it for £10 if you like Jet Li wi fu movies.)

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How about Dark Chronicle, Mark of Kri or R-Type Final? To be fair, I haven't played Dark Chronicle, but someone I trust thinks highly of it. Mark Of Kri is completely amaaayzing and R-Type Final is tough as nails but pretty and fun as fuck.

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