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Steam - UI Overhaul Out Now

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4 hours ago, SuperNashwan said:

*LB0#-L69DL-56HIM - Guns*a# He#oes, #enegade Ops & Viking: Ba**le fo# Asga#d for the first to decipher my fiendish code :)


Some lucky individual has claimed this. :) I'm still waiting for Sega to send me my code... :(

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I'll just post this again:


21 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

Turns out I already have all the games in the third free SEGA games pack :lol:  I already gave away one code to deKay, but I have another spare if anyone who missed out is interested? First thread regular to respond affirmatively to this post gets it.

As I said, I have one spare code left for the Gunstar pack Edit: gone to frumious!

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I imagine not everybody in here reads the Grim Dawn thread, but it's most definitely a Steam game in a genre that is mostly associated with PC gaming. So please forgive me for cross-posting/ transfarring the post below, but the game is out tomorrow and I had some nice things to say about the final build before release that I want to share:

56 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

Oh god, this is brilliant. I'm not kidding, this is no hyperbole, this game is fucking brilliant. I'm still in the first Act obviously, but let's put it this way: if Grim Dawn stays this good until the very end, then it easily surpasses Titan Quest. Never mind more recent entries in the genre like Diablo 3 and Torchlight, which I also enjoyed a lot. Grim Dawn is just on a completely different level from those games, it feels like the true evolution of classic ARPG's like Diablo II and Titan Quest, made by people who loved those classics back in the day for people who also loved those classics back in the day. There is no compromise for modern audiences who might not be into the genre, but at the same time it's also very polished and it plays so incredibly well. It... it... I don't how else to say it, the game just 'feels' right. It starts off slow, but once you unlock your second mastery* and shortly afterwards also get to mess with a third overarching skill tree consisting of different constellations that you can complete for different buffs and bonus abilities, the game will grab you and not let go. It's the kind of game that can leave you wondering how the sun is already up when you only wanted to have a quick go before bed.


So yeah, first impression is that Grim Dawn is everything we could have wanted from a Titan Quest sequel and so much more. Already a very strong GotY candidate unless Crate Entertainment has somehow managed to fuck up the later acts - which I highly doubt.


Important advice: start on veteran, not on normal. Normal is for people who've never played an ARPG before it's very very easy. Veteran feels just right.


I think we need to get some multiplayer going at some point. I'm still getting used to how everything works in single player before diving head first into co-op with a dedicated co-op character, but we might as well start gathering the posse right now.



TL;DR - based on early impressions and given the relatively low price, I'm definitely recommending Grim Dawn :)


*for those not familiar with Titan Quest - like its spiritual predecessor, you don't pick just one class in Grim Dawn. At level 1 you pick a class and at level 10 (iirc) you pick a second class. You're free to combine whichever two classes you want. Each class comes with its own separate, dedicated skill tree and you're completely free to cherry pick skills and abilities from each skill tree. On top of that there is the 'Devotion' tab, which acts as a third overarching skill tree with its own point system. The Devotion skill tree is made up of constellations and each star within each constellation grants further boost, buffs and abilities with massive bonuses when you complete an entire constellation. In other words, Grim Dawn is as deep and customisable as you want it to be, but most importantly it plays REALLY well. I've been focussing mostly on a firearm class so far, with various buffs, grenades and summons to support my rifle shenanigans. The way the rifle sounds and the way the enemies react, it all feels and sounds and looks just right. So good. So, so good.


Okay, I will stop rambling now :D

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54 minutes ago, Gabe said:

Please don't, I'm very interested in your impressions as I know how much you love Titan Quest.


Doubt he'll be quiet about it, but like he said there's the Grim Dawn thread for more. I've still never even finished Titan Quest...

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7 hours ago, Gabe said:


Please don't, I'm very interested in your impressions as I know how much you love Titan Quest.

If you love Titan Quest then you'll love Grim Dawn, no doubt about it. Maybe you prefer the lovely setting of Titan Quest (like me to be brutally honest, but on the other hand I wouldn't want them to revisit Ancient Greece since they already got everything out of it first time around) but that's a matter of personal taste. Everything else is at least as good as in Titan Quest or better so far.


As stefcha said, there's more Grim discussion to be found in the proper thread, including some interesting responses that downplay my enthusiastic post above a little bit :)

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