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Guys, what's Dark Souls like on PC now? I want to get it for my bro for Xmas, but not if the online is totally broken because of GFWL.

I can't help you with the question, as I'm yet to start it.

But I'd just like to say what a cruel, cruel brother you are ;)

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I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but I've found when starting the game its timeout for checking your connection is shorter than the amount of time GFWL takes to log in, so the game always decides I'm offline.

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It's here!

Space Hulk £7.81

Dead Island £4.99

Assetto Corse £22.49

Bioshock Infinite £6.24, Season Pass £3.99

The Stanley Parable £5.99

Dishonored £3.74

Batman Arkham Origins $19.99

Monaco £4.79

Metal Gear Rising £15.40


CS:GO £2.99

Divekick £1.74

The Typing of the Dead £7.49

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Assetto Corsa's a daily deal?



Secret Santa profound sadness. Oh well, at least Kunos are actually up for taking money off, it should appear on a Flash Deal later on with any luck.

Anyway, fuck this. Time to read up on how I craft the damn holiday bad-OH MY GOD IT GIVES OUT IN-GAME ITEMS FOR PATH OF EXILE AS WELL

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Anyone else ever had Steam just pop up with 'Scanning for Steam licenses updates...'?

It wont let me do anything in Steam now :/ It popped up after I bought the Bioshock Infinite season pass mentioned above.

edit - never mind, managed to restart Steam and it's OK now.

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Looks like there might be an end to getting cheap games from other regions by trading TF2 keys. Metal gear entry in the database has a new flag on it, AllowCrossRegionTradingAndGifting, which is set to no. This is just to do with in-client trading, not going to stop keys from different regions being registered.

Disappointing to see, I can see most publishers making use of it. Not great news for people who live in regions that often don't see releases or have cut games.

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