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What are those Sherlock Holmes games like? Are they basically obscure point and clickers?

The early ones are a bit too ugly but the latest two are genuinely good, especially vs Ripper which is actually pretty damn good on historic accuracy and fits its story in very neatly around what we actually know.
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Have to say this is the first Steam sale for me thats been a complete dud so far. Havent bought one single game. Everything i want is either not discounted enough, and anything that is discounted hugely i either own or dont want.

Wouldve loved Doom 3, but they put the BFG edition on sale instead. Want to try Remember Me but tis over 20 quid which isnt even remotely near impulse purchase territory. Cheap stuff like Surgeon Sim, i already played the free version, so im not sure about spending money on the steam release. Really all thats tempted me so far was Endless Space, then i read that its shit in SP mode, so gave up on it. Cmon Gabe, you can do better than this.

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The little wail at the end makes that, god fucking damn :lol:

Meanwhile, I had a go at Torchlight 2 again after realising I need MORE MONEH for cards, and the only way I'm doing that is selling more cards. One thing I always forget about TL2 is this newfangled Mod support, which is exceptionally impressive and is very much a saving grace - adding the Essentials Pack means a slew of functionality improvements and UI tweaks, and means I'm now rolling around with a Necromancer-style class and a motherfucking Armadillo. Which is almost as baller as my PoE Kiwi pet.

Even better, it seems like that stupid fucking requirement to log into Runic's Servers has bit the dust since launch. I suppose that's reason enough to buy it these days.

Just not when I could have had Gunpoint for FOUR FUCKING QUID *kicks over bin*

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Actually it's Trine 2 Complete Story, is that all DLC included too? And a 3 pack of that is 5.60 if anyone's up for it?

1.86 each if two more want it?

Flash deal so only a couple of hours to decide! Less, given I'm driving home in about an hour.

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Yes. Although for some reason every time steam updates, they seem to vanish from my list meaning I have to re-add them.

Thanks for this, I never linked it to the updates. I kept thinking I was going nuts :hat: .

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