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Just now, clippa said:


or 720p and lower when it comes to shmups :lol:

Don't mention it in the destiny 2 thread (they'd tear your tits off if you dared edge over 30) but dropping to 80fps when things got hectic during the strike was bothering me, and I was depressed.

Spending 700 quid on a gpu I didn't need made me feel slightly better for a millisecond before the guilt set in. I can recommend it to anyone.


I always look at 1070s on Amazon for the same reason (momentary thought of joy when it arrives, instantly killed when it makes no difference to the games I play) but have so far been able to sate myself with a biscuit instead.

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Anyone want Shadows of Mordor on PC? I played it to death on PS4 - pm me.


Actually looking at my humble bundle un-redeemed keys:


Whisper Of A Rose

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

Hitman: Absolution

Kane & Lynch Collection

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Murdered: Soul Suspect


Supreme Commander 2





Risk of Rain (link might not work)


X3: Terran Conflict




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