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Haha, I spent it already, but that's actually exactly what I spent it on! Looks very good. I cleared out my inventory, though, and now have something like £4.69 in there. Half tempted by Killer is Dead on sale, and half tempted by One Finger Death Punch, but I'll probably just waste it entirely and buy Verdict Guilty which looks like one of the most broken fighting games I ever saw. It doesn't even have pushback on blocked moves!


Other recommendations welcome, of course.

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18 minutes ago, clippa said:

Streets of Rogue is having a free weekend if you want to try it out. Had good fun during the beta - http://store.steampowered.com/app/512900/


Too many bloody games coming out, I'm swamped. I'm usually champing at the bit for something new and interesting but lately I've had to put off buying things I'd usually pick up straight away. I'm trying to juggle zelda, ghost blade hd, danmaku unlimited 3 and unexplored all at once.


I've been sticking stuff in my wishlist for the inevitable future drought, it'll make steam sales interesting again if I manage to hold out that long :D


Just come on to mention this funnily enough, is anyone playing ? Is it any good ? I'm looking for a game that has progression as opposed to permadeath, got about 10 games like that I've been playing now

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38 minutes ago, CovisGod said:

That really does look ace ! Anybody recommend a platformer that's similar and out now ? In need of a good platformer to get stuck into 


Cave Story





Ori and the Blind Forest

Super Meat Boy

Electronc Super Joy

Super House of Dead Ninjas

Giana Sisters

La Mulana

Rogue Legacy



All a bit different, and as mentioned Maldita Castilla is pretty much as much G'n'G as it gets.

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On 21/12/2015 at 16:39, Mr. Gerbik said:

And I totally trusted them, bought two very expensive shitty games because of their shenanigans. Especially the Turok 2 review was very suspect, not only did they claim it was somehow a vast improvement over the original, didn't they also publish their review months before the games was even out using unfinished code or something? Never forget! I want my money back, edge!


You can buy Turok 2 again now! :P 



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1 hour ago, Gizamaluke said:


I was tempted by the Vita original months ago but never found the time to try it (I bet the handheld game's pretty cheap now too :P )


Meanwhile, Nier: Automata just got released: http://store.steampowered.com/app/524220/

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Just now, RubberJohnny said:

That seems a bad idea, the games aren't available for people on other platforms, and the most eyes on them are going to be in here.


Initially yes but with quite a few eventually they get released later on the consoles or mobiles. Think they would get more eyes outside a megathread?

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37 minutes ago, clippa said:


I don't mind at all but they'll probably sink without a trace anyway.

Maybe I could start a thread called "Roguelikes/lites" and put recommendations in there. Pretty much every game I get wet over fits under that category unless it's a shmup and we already have a thread for those.


New threads are good, I guess the target audience is the PC Gamer but I feel every game should have it's own thread to get attention from everyone else on the forums even if they might be a console gamer.

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