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Incredible offers on Tomb Raiders, The Witchers and Ducktales. I'll probably pick the latter up on amazon.com in a couple of days though. The TR Collection has gone up to £8.99 though, but the individual games are really cheap too.

For anyone interested, these are what stood out to me in the amazon sale:

12/25/2013 to 12/25/2013 Castle of Illusion - $3.75

1/1/2014 to 1/3/2014 DuckTales: Remastered - $5.99
12/25/2013 to 12/26/2013 DuckTales: Remastered - $5.99

12/24/2013 to 12/26/2013 Final Fantasy VII - $5.99

1/1/2014 to 1/3/2014 GUN - $4.99
12/24/2013 to 12/26/2013 GUN - $4.99

12/19/2013 to 1/3/2014 X-COM COLLECTION (CLASSICS +EU + DLC) - $9.99

And you can currently get Pac Man CE DX for $5 and Brothers A Tale of Two Sons for $6.

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So that's Papers, Please, Castlevania and Brothers picked up for just over a tenner all told. Stupid value.

Papers, Please is one of the most distressing and tense games I've played. Just made me feel horrible. So as an antidote, I stuck on Brothers. Lovely so far, but that opening...:(

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I hope season two of Walking Dead dips below £15 somewhere. If it does, it's bought. It's getting hard to avoid spoilers.

It was about £13 in a couple of places prior to launch, but you can get it for £15.20 from GMG at the moment with the 20% off code (GMG20-ZB5D1-93X49). It's a Telltale code rather than a Steam one.

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I think my GPU must have been stuck on some kind of power saving mode (even though I'd set it to run in high performance mode in control panel). I've downloaded the Aus GPU Tweaking thing and am up to 38 FPS even on the minimum Clock speeds. Thought it didn't seem right!

Did you definitely turn off the windows power saving options too? By default running on battery will gimp your laptop performance. You won't get very long gaming on battery though.. Hope you got it sorted, am pretty sure you should be getting more than 40fps.

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Time to have a clean up then, I do install pretty much everything even stuff I'm not likely to play so shouldn't be too hard. Still, it was nice to have nearly everything installed but I'm not buying any more hard drives just for that feeling.

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If anyone was in doubt of using Nuuvem, my bank account (visa debit card) just showed for this castlevania:



And 2.65 for Gunslinger. These include the commission for conversion fees :)

Castlevania is still available at that price, but gunslinger has gone up. Next best deal for that is amazon.com at 5 dollars on xmas day

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Nuuvem are great and perfectly legit, they're a big Brazillian retailer I believe. I also have a lot of respect for them in how they handled Saints Row IV on PC. Basically they ended up getting region locked keys but for their international sellers they went out of their way and got all preorders region free keys (and now only selling region locked keys). This was due to them initially thinking the keys being region free but Deep Silver being Deep Silver were looking to gouge European customers and charge £39.99 on release, hence locking the steam keys for each region. So instead of doing what they could have done and said 'bad luck' or 'have a refund' they got us keys we could use instead. No complaints from them in regards to customer service that's for sure.

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Daily Deals:

Castle Crashers £2.49

Splinter Cell Blacklist £14.99

Trine 2 Complete £1.39

Reus £1.74

Borderlands 2 GoTY £9.99

Amnesia a Machine for Pigs £6.49

Shadowrun Returns £6.74

Contagion £2.99

ARMA III £23.99


Cities XL Platinum £3.99

Castlevania £6.79

Brutal Legend £1.49

Dead Space 2 £3.74, Dead Space £2.49

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons up for community vote, after the last few days I imagining a riot if it doesn't win, will certainly pick it up at that price.

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Shameless plug: If anyone wants SC:B think I've got a Uplay code floating around I'll flog for half the sale price :)

To counteract Shameless plug - should have 2 from the gold pack (other than Thief) going free http://www.amd4u.com/radeonrewards/

Thread Regulars can have for free :)

Edit - What happened to the vote winner from 6pm? It just says the sale starts in 7 hours/

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It is possible if you can set up a us account, buy games using your us credit card as gifts so they go to your inventory and not logged on your us account and gift them to your uk account. Unless there is a reason that wouldn't work? You'd even get more favourable us dollar prices

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