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Guest From_Brazil

I can't stop singing Estrela to myself, I haven't been able to get it out of my head for the last two days.

Actually, the song is called "Estrela Estrela" and it was written by Brazilian musician Vitor Ramil (who is mentioned somewhere in Yonlu's blog). "Regra Tres" was written and originally recorded by Toquinho & Vinicius. These two tracks are cover versions for sure. I assume all the others were written by him.

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I'd imagine an IP check would be a good idea - if it's the same IP it could have been one of his parents, for instance.

Yeah good idea, I thought about that a minute ago, but I dont know anything about IP checking so thought I was thinking out of my arse :D

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Aww, man, Waterfall is just...lovely.

Yonlu, you poor bastard.


Estrela is beautiful too. His voice is wonderful and the music is great.

I've got to listen to the rest of these.

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Had listened to Waterfall a few weeks ago and really liked it.

Been listening to it a fair bit this weekend, 2 weeks ago my fiances brothers mate killed himself then on thursday her next door neighbour followed suit. Listening to the song is kinda weird but i still do it.

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I hadn't heard these before. Pretty hit and miss but I liked Waterfall, especially where the beats come in. I don't much like the more nasal, slurred, mumbling vocal sections of certain songs (some of Humiliation is like that, though I think that's a great song). Estrela is brill, too. ^_^

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I downloaded Waterfall a couple of weeks ago, after reading all the praise on here. There's a 64Meg SD card with some random Led Zeppelin tunes and Waterfall on it. I thought I'd buggered it up as I didn't know what to listen for and thought it was a Led Zeppelin tune.

Really good music. It's a damn shame he's gone.

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I always wondered what this thread was about, I thought Yoñlu was some great artist I'd never heard of... And I was right. His music is beautiful, he had so much talent! RIP.

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Today's September 1st, Yoñlu's birthday.

Happy birthday, Yoñlu, wherever you are.

Estrela, Estrela

"Estrela, estrela

Como ser assim

Tão só, tão só

E nunca sofrer?

Brilhar, brilhar,

Quase sem querer

Deixar, deixar

Ser o que se é

No corpo nu

Da constelação

Estás, estás

Em uma das mãos

E vais, e vens

Como um lampião

Ao vento frio

De um lugar qualquer

É bom saber

Que és parte de mim

Assim como és

Parte das manhãs

Melhor, melhor

É poder gozar

Da paz, da paz

Que trazes aqui

Eu canto, eu canto

Por poder te ver

No céu, no céu

Como um balão

Eu canto e sei

Que também me vês

Aqui, aqui

Com esta canção"


"O sol vê tudo

Mas não conhece o amor

De uma garota

Que tem o dom de deslocar assim

A lua de Netuno no ar

E quando a noite vem

E traz consigo a dor

O sol se apaga

E só um sonho a faz lembrar que

A noite sempre vai ter fim

E eu aposto que ele nem sabe

Onde fica Erechim

E não sabe o que é

Sofrer de amor

Mas se é assim

Ele está condenado a vagar

Por lugares sem luar

Sem luar

Se essa cidade

Te faz querer voltar

E se é saudade

O que leva para lá

É só sonhar que está em seu lugar

A pior coisa

Que Platão já inventou

Foi o amor

Que só traz solidão

Mas ela vai reencontrar

O chimarrão e a amizade

Num solstício de verão

De verão

De verão"

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