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Beavis and butthead

chris on the moon

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this show rocks.

I hadn't seen them until a couple of weeks ago? then there's a bunch of full length episodes at youtube. Some with the music videos, some without. I got the movie yesterday. It's pretty good. But its probably too like, polished, too movie like? a lot of the music was totally out of place.

i wanna be like that some day. Some kid finds a dead bird, you give him 20 dollars for it!

oh welcome to 15 years ago moon.

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I watched the first of the two new episodes and it was "pretty cool". I'm not convinced the new tic toc dissing segments work as well as the old music video ones, but they seem to still have the occasional music video in there for long time fans. I do like the updated theme and title sequence though! 

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just watched the new movie. The animation was so off-puttingly bad anything that wasn't the two main characters looked like it was crudely knocked up in mspaint, or a bad youtube fan cartoon.


it totally lacked the soul of the first movie, even the cornholio scene failed to raise a laugh, and i absolutely loved these two.

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On 06/08/2022 at 10:22, robotattack said:



Awwww poor Gibi haha. I've followed her for years. Her whisper ASMR really helps me when I have Sleep Paralysis attacks. Not really in the whole tapping of stuff though. She's pretty great and seems to have taken it in good faith.

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