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Alfonso Cuarón - Children of Men


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I saw it for the first time on Friday - I thought it was outstanding, maybe the finest representation of a dystopia I've seen on film. That director has surely played HL2...

I was very disappointed to read mrHatfield's oafish comments in this thread, though - scorn/hatred of the intellectual is possibly the worst characteristic of many British people. You just don't see it in other cultures.

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This was good, but I don't get all the uber-praise some people seem to be lavishing on it. I enjoyed it, it had good mentions of Canterbury which was nice, and it was all very satisfying. But I don't want to see it again, I don't think I ever will, and if someone said 'What films did you see last year that were worth seeing?', this wouldn't even register.

Maybe what Eighthours said about second time round will be right. Someone'll have to convince me to try it, though...

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Universal Pictures have scheduled the UK Region 2 DVD release of Children of Men (2-Disc Special Edition) for 19th March 2007. Alfonso Cuarón's science fiction thriller is set in a decaying future world where women have been infertile for 18 years. Clive Owen plays a former activist asked to protect a newly pregnant mother.

One of the fastest double-dips in recent times (the original and almost barebones edition was released on 15th January) features on this new two-disc special edition are expected to mimic the R1 and include:

Deleted Scenes (2:16mins)

Possibility of Hope - A chilling documentary features the world's leading futurists and philosophers examining social and economic shifts that find expression in Children of Men

Theo and Julian (4:37mins) - In exclusive on-set interviews, actors Clive Owen and Julianne Moore offer up insights and secrets about the complex and compelling characters they have created in Children of Men

Futuristic Designs (8:36mins) - Director Alfonso Cuarón created an original and dynamic vision of the future for this film. Follow his vision as it goes from concept to seething cinematic life in this featurette

Visual Effects: Creating the Baby - Uncover the incredible visual effects used to create a life-like baby in the film

Men Under Attack (7:32mins) - This mini-documentary breaks down two of the most terrifying scenes in the film - the café explosion and a car under violent attack from all sides - to show how the filmmakers created the sequences

Another extra listed by the BBFC is "Comments by Slavoj Zizek" (5:41mins).

The UK HD DVD release is currently scheduled for 7th May 2007 with U-Control features already passed by the BBFC (totalling 28mins of content).

Colour me utterly fucking surprised.

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I would say that the film's political position was eminently reasonable given the benign humanism which belies its entire narrative, making the film apolitical to a certain extent (I remember too that every character and political force in the story was - save perhaps for Jasper, his wife, Kee, Miriam, and the guide in the refugee camp - portrayed as either amoral or immoral, with Theo the only one to achieve anything amounting to a redemption, by means of his self-imposed trials).

I agree with you there, but the lack of real moral engagement of the characters with the political issues makes the admittedly well done dystopian imagery somewhat empty window dressing to the real meat of the story.

I realise that you view the film as a snapshot, a backdrop in which we find our characters and they play out their own story. Yet, the way the film is directed in the way that the setting is portrayed constantly emphasises a viewpoint and a references current events. The setting is forced into the viewer's vision with a lot less subtlety than you seem to think, and as such deserves more developed treatment to justify itself.

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