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Little poem/song I wrote in bed last night

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I seldom ever write anything poetry-like, so I'd like to be given some feedback on this "piece" I managed to write last night when I couldn't sleep. I don't even know if it's finished, it's just what I managed to come up with. Anyway.

I tried to live my life again

Didn't get as far as the first time

For knowing how it would end, I chose not to meet you

And over not meeting you I chose to die

Ever since you left me

I've been known to often smile

Well don't you know smiling's the tool

Of those who've no more strength to cry

And sometimes I think of many things I'd like to say

I'm sure you'd be converted if you heard my plea

But I know that when the time comes for you to see me

I'll just say "thanks" and walk away

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Could you not put it to some of your charming music?

These lyrics are begging for music, aren't they? They don't have much strength on their own right, but I think with the right music the result would be interesting. Sadly I don't have any melody to hang them on ATM. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

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