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Not much really! Things like heirlooms are bind on account so you don't have to worry if you have those with you or not. If you have some gold to invest it might be worth checking the two auction houses and seeing if there is anything being sold significantly cheaper on RH than it is on Draenor in which case you could buy to sell once the transfer is complete.

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I want to copy all my addons and their personalised settings from 1 PC to another (My sons), what files and folders do I need to copy?

Also, can someone invite his new main to the guild please, Pandeva, thanks!

Can't you invite him? If not I'll fiddle with the guild permissions when I get home. And I believe copying the interface folder and the wtf folder nay be enough,the wtf folder may have sub folders representing different characters so you night have to fiddle these.
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Misread Gatsby's post and thought Jen's birthday was two weeks ago.

Decided not to post a belated birthday message and purged Jen from all social media accounts to not have to live with the constant, suffocating memory and associated embarrassment of forgetting it.

Realised mistake. Now just want Jen back. Please forgive me Jen I can be redeemed.

P.s. Happy Birthday!

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So most of you would have noticed that I haven't been online for a while, This is because my computer gave me some blue screens and I have been unable to fix it myself, Expecting a repair disc from Sav soon to sort it.

Looking to be back online in the next 2 weeks at the earliest using a laptop that I'll receive then.

PS. Happy Birthday Mark and Jen!

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