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I'm all for the roast, everyone gets to chip in during the preparation (and cleaning up!) then we spend 20 mins together scoffing what took us 2 hours to make! :)

Perhaps on Saturday if the weather is nice we could buy a couple of those one use BBQ trays, everyone buys a pack of sausages/burgers etc of their choice and we cook the lot up whilst drinking far too much and mooching about in the grounds.

Although I would also settle for going down the pub all day. :P

Looking at the details it has a BBQ and I'm sure some of the guys in the guild will get all alpha and puffing chested about making fire...

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Right talking separately about food drink etc - seemed easier to summaries here and canvas opinion/discussion


Friday Night - Evening sort yourselves, people arriving at different times etc

Saturday - Breakfast sort yourselves, Main meal - suggest BBQ (or Grill if raining) in the afternoon, bring own meat/salad/bread

Sunday - Breakfast sort yourselves, Main meal - no idea. Own stuff? Group stuff? Pub lunch (might need help finding somewhere good/booking)

Monday - Breakfast sort yourselves (if still here)

Misc - Tea/Coffee/Milk/Sugar/Ketchup sorted ;)


Bring own. There are shops within a drive if we need to refresh, but would prefer not to shuttle. I'm going through my booze cupboard and found a fair bit I didn't know was in there. Found 8 Carling's (eugh) I'll bring for others. Difficult to know how much to suggest people bring. It'll be X days of social drinking (or not if you don't want to). I was looking at Beer/Cidres/Wines myself, but some have mentioned spirits/mixers (and what I assume was a joke about Tequilia and Jaegerbombs)


Matt and Matt have kindly agreed to bring Wii U + controllers + games (Mario Kart is one, not sure about others). Think they've got controllers sorted between them, but others welcome to bring games etc obvious

Matt has said he'd bring Cards against Humanity

Ash has said he'll bring BOARDGAMES OF AWESOME

Nathan mentioned he might try and bring something, but obviously he's on a limited space bike.

I've got Poker and/or Monopoly if people want

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Looking at sunday lunches

There's this which is 10-15 min walk (or 2 min drive for the lazy)


£10 for Carvery, £14 for Carvery and Pudding

We'd need to book though. (prob anywhere with 13 of us)

There's others but pretty much all a drive away. This is best I found (15min drive)



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On a more verbose note it was great to spend the weekend with old chums and to finally meet the Bristol 3, the weekend went far too quickly although personally I may have peaked a little too soon by being wrecked by both booze and cards against humanity shortly before midnight on the Friday. For those of you that couldn't make it you were missed but hopefully it won't be too long before we can all get together again. Thanks again to Ben for organising it all, and to everyone else for making it a chilled and fun weekend.


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I'm grateful to the photographs form the weekend for providing impetus to get my panda belly back to the gym as soon as I got home. I'll make my snaps available the next time my work laptop and camera SD card find themselves in the same place.

Was great to catch up with Muk in general (my god I've forgotten a lot of WoW terms), and to meet those of you I hadn't seen in person before. I don't speak with most of you very often these days (worryingly, I include my sister in that), so will have to make more of an effort where there's mutual inclination to do so. Many thanks once again to Ben for the top-rate cat herding, and generally for making the whole thing happen.

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