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  • 3 weeks later...

Another quick update - sent option 3 some generic questions and got a call. Bit alarming response. Contradicted periods, min terms and prices from websites. Really didn't get a good feel

We did say consider 3 if more can confirm to come to reduce the price - but after that I'm vetoing 3 all together.

Still waiting from Sood to confirm availavility, but will look to book 1 tonight or tomorrow.

Will leave us a couple of extra spots if Karde/Jordan want to come as well

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  • 3 weeks later...

On the subject of mounts, if people are interested I would like to start up a weekly group for ToT mounts. It can be done on normal with about 5 people. We do up to Ji-Kun and then stop, with a chance of a mount dropping off both Ji-Kun and Horridon.

If enough people are interested and we can keep it guild centered we can just keep going till everyone has what they need. Did this on ORaid for a while, 5 overgeared toons can blow through it in about an 60-90 mins.


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Hi all,

Was just wondering if there was any desire in the guild to do some challenge modes?

Not sure about everyone else but I really would like my warlock armour set?


Already done them on 2 characters at this point Sood, but if you really want them I'd be happy to try and set up some groups when I'm off work...led my own groups first time through on the pally so can just tell tactics etc.

Add me up on RealID if you want as I'm not always around. Reynoldsm#2655.

Goes to anyone else who doesnt want to pay for a boost, would rather bring my Hunter and take the dps life so any healers/tanks who want to join let me know.

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Righto - a couple of people have asked separately what we should do about food/drink

Generally was gonna suggest we sort ourselves out for both food and drink (people coming on bikes/train might need a lift to shop...)

I've got coffee/tea/sugar/milk :)

Someone (forgot who) suggested even if we sort ourselves we try and eat together/arrange similar meals (my suggestion was Soup on Friday eve for example for those there)

John's suggested that was possibly do a roast on Sunday with everyone contributing so we have a least one meal together ;)

Otherwise we could put money into a pot and sort meals (and/or drinks, but would suggest meals at most)

Not sure what pubs are nearby - or if drive/walkies distance, but we could also consider going for a Sunday carvery somewhere

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I'm all for the roast, everyone gets to chip in during the preparation (and cleaning up!) then we spend 20 mins together scoffing what took us 2 hours to make! :)

Perhaps on Saturday if the weather is nice we could buy a couple of those one use BBQ trays, everyone buys a pack of sausages/burgers etc of their choice and we cook the lot up whilst drinking far too much and mooching about in the grounds.

Although I would also settle for going down the pub all day. :P

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