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Muk - 'The' Rllmuk guild

The Grand Pursuivant

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I used to play WOW in a pretty hardcore fashion back in vanilla. Back in to it now, and got to 90. Enjoying timeless isle and feel like I'm being tortured to death my l33t speak Zergers in LFR. Could I come and play with you chaps? I'm a lvl 90 death knight, frost dps spec. But have dualled to tank as well. ILVL 498 thus far. I won't be raiding 5 times a week, but I am keen to be part of an active guild again.

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So after really enjoying Hearthstone I decided to download WoW. I call myself a core gamer but have never played this. WoW being one of the more important games of the past decade or so, I thought I might as well give it a try, even if I don't end up enjoying it there's nothing really lost and it gives my Hearthstone playtime a bit more fun context.

Any tips for a nub?

How/can I join the rllmuk guild? :) (Genuinely need baby step-by-step instructions as don't have a clue on anything. I made a panda because hey, pandas, why not?)

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Oh hey you.

We're Horde on the Draenor-EU server.

When you're online in your chat window you can do a /who Muk and it'll show if anyone's on who can invite you to guild.

Otherwise message me and I'll log on and get you in. The only thing is as a Panda you're neutral until you finish they're starting quest zone (when you'll be asked if you want to be Alliance or Horde.)

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Fluffy panda priest. At the moment I seem to be smiting a lot of things.

Some tips here


  • If you have a heal spec you can queue instances quite quickly, but you'll miss lots of content
  • Some zones have very good storylines, some have very bad. Ask in gchat for hints
  • In Orgrimmar you can find a "Warchief's board" that will tell you currently leveling zones for you
  • If you like the storyline you don't have to leave a zone until you're ready, although your leveling speed will decrease.
  • Don't miss professions - you can ignore the cooking/first aid. I'd suggest you get at least one "gather" profession (Herb, Skinning, less so mining, and potentially Enchanting or Tailoring to help you find mats to sell). The others (engineering, JC, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Enchanting/Tailoring creation can eat up gold/resources)
  • Shout in /gchat if you see me (Tynon, Tynin, Tylock etc) - I'll sort you some bags and gold
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