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I really hope matt's speech had a reference to version 1.0 of the speech being awesome, but made the best make speech look tawdry in comparison, so version 1.1 was introduced which was less fun but more balanced. Then that was scuppered because the bridesmaids complained so 1.3 was written which totally ruined the comedy and interrupted the flow of the speech making it basically impossible for any normal human being too read the whole thing. Then 1.4 threw out everything and completely redid the whole speech! Essentially making it into an entirely new speech with nothing in common with the original design. Nerf upon nerf. Etc etc.. Rant rant.

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Congratulations to the happy couple. I wish you all the best. Very disappointed by the lack of bunny ears Jen.

I forgot my Spring Basket too - thank God we weren't killing Nefarian!

Thanks to all of you who came & for the epic lengths you went to in order to do so. I hope you had even half as good a time as we did!

Much love,

Jen/Elle xxx

P.s. Sood - I made you Banana Bread!!!

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What did you boost? I've been umming and ahhing over my warlock or my dk. On the one hand my warrior is 50% of the way through 89 and do i really need two plate 90's? On the other hand the warlock's a caster and that's just inherently less fun.. (but then again it is safer).

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