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So sad to miss you guys yesterday - I'd been really looking forward to catching up with everyone after so long :( Not having much luck with illness at the moment. I need a holiday!

Glad you had a good night. Will definitely catch you next time! x

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Yes very central if you just came off the motorway. Comfy rooms though.. I slept very well and had a great time. That's of course when we finally got there 30 minutes later listening to Karde moaning about throwing up all the way back

We did almost get lynched because of Karde .And he really wanted to put my fuzzy coat on....And Nat did a chronicle impression with his camera :P and poor Gatsby got saddled with lovelorn folks. Ben was the calm one :D and Chauntee has some great Dance moves. He did Aloon proud!

All in all interesting evening


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So I'm hearing it was a good central hotel?

It was very central. Just to a place other than Birningham.

Even the taxi driver said 'Cor blimey guv that's a bit far.' and felt the need to stress he'd still want paying in British Pounds.

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Firstly I'm amazed no one has food poisoning after the raw chicken wings and cardboard potatoes we ate

I think Nathan was mostly embarrassed about the amount of hip thrusts Karde was making. And the enormous amount of swearing which was rendered even more hilarious by him reminding himself he shouldn't swear.

Things became a bit tense when he started mentioning how he didn't find certain ladies of certain colouring very attractive and there happened to be one sitting right behind me and also a few others around us who were not ladies. And he was loud about it.

Ben at that point got really stern with him. And asked he shut up or we'd get lynched. We all scolded him about it and which point he got weepy about being misunderstood.

Then he was blaming the bar staff being utterly shit with order, this was when one of the aforementioned was about to give Nathan his longed for Belgian Waffles( He actually sang for them and started giggling at one point, Nat..not Karde) . Said waffles were thumped down on the table and said lady stalked off. At which point Ben stated it would be safer to leave since anything else we ordered would be spit, pissed or vomited in.

Then Karde took a shine to my fuzzy coat and proceeded to drag himself into it, neglecting to take me out of it. I considered hitting him but he was so happy I decided that was a bad idea ;) He did end up stomping on my broken toenail.

Anyhow, we then went to Missing..where he danced like a loon ( see what I did there) and drank even more. At this point I inadvertently almost caused a fight by dancing. So we all decided to order a cab to go back to the hotel..also supposed to be in town but actually MILES away ....

Oh and on the way back he scared our driver with his moaning and vomiting sounds. So we got charged double..

He was quite cheerful the next day with no memory of most of this...

Edited by Savour
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That's not an entirely inaccurate summary from Sav.

And I think we all agreed it was the Cider served from a colostomy bag that did Karde in.

Edit: My legal advisers suggest it's best not to get into certain other events, other than to say standing in a Weathetspoons shouting 'White Power', even in jest, is not a good idea.

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To be fair we all drank as much (if not more!) than Mark.

It's just that he ate nothing but 1 uncooked watery pink chicken wing, half of a bland ball of bland, and 3 chips all day.

In fact both Gats and I drank more since we finished the magic sparkling golden Glitterbombs, while Karde was busying insulting the wait staff.

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