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So far we are thinking of this little place to stop:


2 people per room, about £60 a night, so £30 each or there abouts if we share it would be good. If we know definate numbers I can book the rooms for us all, maybe get a discount but if not at least get all on the same floor or somethng be funz!

its a suggestion so can be changed if we want :)

lets get this moving!

Re the meet in Brum. Who's booked rooms? What time are we meeting. Where are we going?

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I've booked three twin rooms at the Holiday Inn, so that's enough for the six people who definitely said they were staying. If you're a late addition then you need to tell me immediately so I can call them and try to get hold of another room. The drawback is that it's a 10-15 minute cab ride from the city centre. I'm informed that the cab should only cost £2-3 each). The positives are that they're twin rooms so nobody has the share a bed (unless they want to!). The rooms are cheap at £38 per person AND they include breakfast in the morning. The address of the hotel is:




B43 7BG

I suggest we meet at around 1pm on Saturday in central Brum. Although if anybody is driving they can meet us at the hotel. We'll all go back to the hotel and dump our things then head out from there. Matt do you have any suggestions for a good central meeting point?

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The people who were absolute definites for staying the night are:







Others have not fully confirmed that they're staying or would like to stay with the exception of Snap just now. If we can get another definite then I'll ring the hotel back and enquire about the availability of another room.

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