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Unsubbed for now. No drama, I just haven't been feeling an urge to log on to the Fail Panda when I've had the time to do so, and the start of a tier seems like a sensible place to draw a line through my sub before I take any precious loot. Expect I'll be back at some point - this is not an OMG I'M QUITTING post - but in the meantime I think everyone with an interest in staying in touch/going for drinks/playing nerd games has my details :)

Muk for life :wub:

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There was a man called Ash,

Who left us because of works cold cash,

While in his office one night,

He thought I miss raiding outright,

But when he logged on he found all his characters kicked from the guild and mail messages from John saying "I F**KING HATE YOU AND NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR STUPID PANDA FACE AGAIN"

I had trouble with that last line....

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The season of good cheer is almost upon us!! I think it would be a great idea to have a Muk Christmas party so let's get the ball rolling. I'm thinking early to mid December depending on peoples' availability. When we met up in the summer we said we should have the next one somewhere oop north to make it fair on our more unfortunate guild members. So whether it be London or somewhere more grim I'm in. Let's gauge some interest!

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OK so the current plan looks like it's going to be the 7th December (a Saturday)and having consulted many people on Skype the consensus is that Brum should be the venue and all of us should stay in the same hotel (preferably with a bar). So far we have confirmations from:






Pete (assuming he can get the day off)




Snap possibly

Let us know on here if you think you can make it so we can get an idea of numbers for hotel booking purposes!

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So far we are thinking of this little place to stop:


2 people per room, about £60 a night, so £30 each or there abouts if we share it would be good. If we know definate numbers I can book the rooms for us all, maybe get a discount but if not at least get all on the same floor or somethng be funz!

its a suggestion so can be changed if we want :)

lets get this moving!

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