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If you have recently bought, or are returning to World of Warcraft, and are looking for a relaxed guild who's only criteria for entry is being a nice guy and a member rllmuk, then look no further.

Original Post:

Judging from the demo thread, a lot of people have decided to buy the game recently. They're all spread out across various servers, and seem to be soloing their way through the game. You can do this until you get to level 60, but playing on your own for such a large amount of time can become incredibly tedious.

As such, I'm proposing we start a new guild on Ravenholdt, the RP-PvP server. There are a few 60s there, but neither faction have made a start on the end-game raid dungeons as yet, which means there are a lot of new and upcoming players. As it's an RP server, it severely cuts the number of idiots that are around, but it does mean that you can't talk about the football, or something similar, in /s or /y. If we have a guild, and you don't fancy roleplaying, this shouldn't be a problem, as long as you don't go around going "omglootzplxkkthxby" it's the same as playing on a normal PvP server (random gankings included).

I already have a l19 Troll Mage there, and I know that PinkMoon has a Mage on it as well. If enough people show interest then we could easily start a small guild there. For new players, like Jack, wiikt, jonny5 etc, I know that none of you are going to be past l30 yet, and as I know abandoning your first character can be hard, it is a level thats easy to get back to if you re-roll, and playing the game in a guild of good people really does make the game an entirely more enjoyable experience. For old players, anyone is more than welcome to join, and this won't get off the ground unless enough people decide to join.

As soon as I get 9 other people who want to join we can start talking about the guild name and such.

So, is anyone interested?

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Yup, I'm up for this.

Does the PvP thing mean I'm going to get the shit beaten out of me all the time?

Edit: Thik I'll be a warlock this time. I fancy one of those stone monster thingys to hang out with.

PvP means that in contested territory you can get attacked by players of the opposite faction. In the earlier areas, like Silverpine Forest if you're Undead, or The Barrens if you're a Tauren/Orc/Troll are all Horde territory, and you can only be attacked there if you PvP flag yourself.

And you don't get the Infernal until level 50. Warlocks are super cool though. :lol:

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Before I stay up to 3am grinding a new character, you're all going to go horde aren't you?

Yes. You can't create characters from another faction on a PvP server either, so don't start an ally one by mistake, as you'll have to delete it.

But of course :lol:

Edit: Undead Mage named Rotte if anyone wants to whisper me for sig.

Ah yeah, my character is called Josef. Once we get a couple more people going for it we can discuss a name.

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I've got a lowbie hunter alt on ravenholdt, level 11, named Kanjo. I'd be happy to sign the charter, and may even play him a bit, especially if the network issues that are currently making TVC unplayable don't get fixed :lol: (that's if they don't apply to ravenholdt as well...)

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p.s. Anyone who's concerned at the 'RP' bit - can forget it, there's virtually no RP - just a few more people complaining about the lack of it than you'd get on a non-RP server is all...

One guy decided to make a guild called "Smokin Weed" last week and was criticised heavily in General

Then some GENIUS suggested he called it "Seekers of Tauren Vision Tobacco" :lol::)

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I play on Scarshield legion a bit too, thats a cracking non-too advanced RP-PVP server.

I'm game for some seriously non-hardcore playing, how about a weekly arranged session ? I'd be happy to just play once a week so long as I had a group guaranteed.

I'd suggest levelling up to say 20 then taking it from there?

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My mage is detailed in my signature.

Small problem though - who the ass is going to do all the healing?

Bigger problem - what the ass are we going to call this guild? Nothing silly, mind.

EDIT: think Mecha's idea is good - get yourselves to level 20 then we can get 'serious'.

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Hmm, am tempted to re-open my account - not played WoW for at least 2 months due to tedium and some super ganking in STV on an old PvP server. Had a lvl 38 lock, but lost the will to play after spending hours trying to stay alive near lvl 60 horde corpse campers!

Will roll a Mage and maybe go for Tailoring and Alchemy - anyone taken Tailoring to the highest skill level by the way?

Also, I presume we are on the Horde side? Just need to pick a cool race - played an undead Troll but found the starting area quite tedious.

Look out for Kaliania, as my char is going to be a gal. :lol:

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