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Sony-BMG converted Chat-BASIC quite quickly, but apparently they have the time compressor used by Santa Claus... and finally I understand how that works... I think? So Christmas Eve warps space-time from the previous year, meaning 1 hour becomes 365 days? Is it why he can only do this at night, facing away from Sol or risk photonic entanglement? (I'm actually not making up stuff here, electrons are non-linear time, whereas photons are a created segment of spacetime in whatever interactions nexus exists - namely that a star will shoot rays out across the universe, passing out of the galaxy even - but in a really dark place like a cave, the geometic maximand* doesn't apply, which is why crystals can grow in anti-gravity - they're decoupled from the spacetime commune of the solar radions).

I don't understand 1970's kids though, so I can only comprehend that adopting a baby spice, it is some kind of Digimon? Does it have decent infra-red baud rate? -- Documentation states 2 of them become 1 and enemies should PUT-IT-ON. Is this unit by any chance a Transformers Targetmaster? It appears to approve of 'set your spirit free' death threats towards Starscream anyhow, and understands Decepticon rank system at least. I think this calls for a daily playback of the Shockwave national anthem.

Hello Cybertrons! It's a beautiful black sky and grey to the horizon, merging into some kind of other general grey! Yes, it's day 300 million of the Shock-upation - Shockwave Occupation. This song's for you ServoBot-4000023, I know what you did last starry time period...!

* Geometrical work that maximises itself over time

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This track was originally called [*]AD [*]EED, and has multiple meanings, but I go with... Bad Seed, and I was annoyed that someone released this since it concerns the theme of infanticide... or killing 5 year old girls... and some art-therapy sessions are supposed to be personal, surely. The swinging clock thing is mainly a reference to End of Evangelion, but sounds like Chronotrigger actually, and states that - on some philosophical level I would rather play a crap RPG than live in a world of entirely non-interactive media, like there was only anime that you couldn't affect in a bi-directional stream (playing a game). Mainly because it intends to paralyse me, like some sort of waiting victim - put your hands all over me and my eyes are just glazed over like Rei Ayanami and staring into space... yes master... whatever you desire cathode ray tube... ye are thine lorde. And this relates to infanticide because strangely enough, a wriggly and spritely 5 year will actually hmm.... run away from dangerous stuff? Like out into the street and knock on neighbours doors? Yeah, which is why you aren't allowed the privilege of muscular movement! Which I can only assume is the best ever kind of computer game, I just don't understand yet? Punch the Gameboy till it breaks... and you won every high score ever? Genius... sorry I don't understand yet. -  ___ -



Made after watching the first season of Defiance.

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21 minutes ago, maryliddon said:

hey @centurion , you got anything you've done I could remix?





Yeah sure. But most of my Korg tracks are built on a martial arts basis, since improvisation needs a stack of 'moves' in your head that are chained together. It resembles something like Bruce Lee, and took a number of years that I had any interesting 'tai chi' motions or whatever. What I mean is that they're a remix of themselves anyway, but you might find it difficult to properly integrate them into your track without the 'combo' logic that binds them into a track. If you do know this sort of thing then they can be re-baked like CGI or segments spliced together with others, which is what SONY-BMG seem to have no problem doing. Mainly, I just struggle after a while to make tai-chi type tracks sound different from the last one, and they normally rely on a characteristic gimmick or theme of some sort to have character.


Using the accoustic air physics beyond the Dolby unit presets provided by Sony is difficult unless you can rebuild the 3D scene and all of the 5-dimensional chaos physics, but admittedly most of this is impressionistic art like Van Gophs Sunflower paintings - it merely looks like a lot like the electron generating anti-geometric frequencies, and takes a lot of liberties. Evidently Lady Gaga has issues remastering the given samples, which might be why the Radio 4 scene of church sounds exactly like... the Temple of Time from Zelda, at a 45 degree angle 4 inches from the ground? That's almost as much of a neat coincidence as the black girl yoof who talking about the horrowing moment of her boyfriend being stabbed yeah, has a vocal root tone that isn't even any known African country? Weird that! And the whole thing is set in Ocarina of Time also...?! My head was spinning with amaze. I love how progressive post-thatcher England is though : )

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I wouldn't underestimate my lack of desire to do things well. 


If you've got any stems or phrases or full tracks then link-me-do and I'll give it a go

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