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The Wii Launch...?


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You use a proxy in the states then. Job done.

Wouldn't that require using internet connection sharing with your PC? Fuck that, I'd rather just buy a PAL one. They've done a pretty sweet job recently with the DS, so hopefully that points towards them actually making a bit of effort here this time. Wishful thinking, but you never know. We are getting an exclusive Nintendogs and DS Lite colour.

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I reckon the Wii will be out in America before Thanksgivings, just because its a massive buying season. Japan and Europe early December, maybe late November. Similar to the way the DS launched except the Wii gets to Europe before Christmas.

Most of the games that looked like they had been developed for a while to be out before Christmas.

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Have Nintendo made any announcements about region locking for the Wii? Are they going to go the way of the GBA and DS and leave it unlocked?

Every Nintendo handheld has been unlocked and every console locked, lets hope it changes.

Just been thinking, I bet you can download NES games and maybe some SNES and Megadrive games off the Wii onto the DS.

I mean you could do that with the NEs games in Animal Crossing and play them on the GBa if I remember rightly couldn't you.

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Whatever they do, I hope Play.com are having a laugh with their prices!


i think someone said that they were just at £50 so they could move them down, should they need to.

that said, i can't see most big titles retailing new for less than £40.

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Yeah, it's fairly common for retailers to put a higher price or further date on stuff which has nothing confirmed yet.

.::: It also allows them to then 'discount' it to the actual price and claim that the RSP is actually a 'bargain'.

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Sadly retailers are going to back the consoles that little Johnny and his mum and dad will buy (PS3)

Little Charles and his mum and dad more like. Can't see Johnny's parents spending £500 on a Christmas present somehow.

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