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An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder!


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Hey! That's my birfday.

Good stuff - the first DVD is one of those things I can always pop in the player and never get tired of. I usually have the idea to just put it on in the backgroud while I'm doing other stuff, but I invariably end up sitting and watching it.

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Yeah, same here.

I watched the first one a couple of months ago when someone on the forum linked to the clip of him speaking about the Superman script.

Hilarious, along with the prince story that gets a lot of love.

I also really liked the story of how he met his wife :unsure:

Can't wait for the new one.

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This is taking the piss now.

I've just been over to viewaskew to order the disc (it apppears to be the only place the disc is available for pre-order at the moment - signed too) and they're now listing it shipping in November!!!!

I had a look around to see if this just meant the autographed editions would ship then but it appears not, the disc has been moved from Aug 15th to some time in November.

Looking on the message boards, the discs was first announced in Dec 2004.

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Two discs, total running time is 3hr and 59m!

First disc is the Toronto Q&A along with a feature where Smith asks "What is Canadian Cuisine?"

Second disc is the London Q&A along with a features in which Mewes tries to pick up English chicks.

Chapter details to follow. They're not printed on the disc.

Awesome : First chapter - Canada is the girl next door who does Anal.

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Managed to watch a bit more - (ALL the below applies to disc one, the Toronto Q&A)

Bit of a follow up to the Prince story - What happened to the footage? Jehovah's Witness recruitment video!

How do you make Affleck Cry!

Watching Dora The Explorer while stoned!

Mewes telling Smith that's he's been onstage for an hour and Smith has only answered two questions! :)

EDIT: The only problem I'm finding is the amount of stupid fucking questions they're asking/audience interupting. "How much are you worth?" "What's the worst thing you've done?" "Have you thought of shaving off your beard?" Bless Smith for taking these questions and running with them but you ultimatly feel that the 20 or minutes could have been a lot better.

EDIT 2:But fuck it, it comes back around with Smith retelling The Passion of the Christ. With Ninjas.

I know this sounds daft but it seems less focused than the first one I wonder if that's because they stuck with the same venue throughtout? While in Evening 1 they switched between 10 different location this one is all from the Toronto session. Toward the end it got...I don't know, I don't want to say embarrassing but I'd rather have had a couple more question than minutes focused on asking Smith's wife some questions and some blonde girl saying Mewes was "a fucking hot piece of ass".

Could have done with more film related stuff as opposed to just general questions.

I'd give this disc 7/10.

The Q&A from Toronoto runs for 1h 50m.

Off to disc 2 - London.

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