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Elite Beat Agents


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For me this game is superior to Ouendan. It just feels like a really refined version... for example a tutorial, saving replays, the dances in the background seem like they are song-specific rather than the generic Ouendan dancing.

I love the way you start each section with the EBAs waving their hands. Gets you pumped for the next section!

Also love the way the animals join in waving their hands. First time I saw the bull in the Da Vinci level wave his hands about after a cut scene I was grinning like a loon :lol:

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I've gone through all the songs now and while this game is a lovely, wonderful, highly reccomended thing, its not as good as Ouendan. Inis have clearly learned as they've gone along and there's lots of lovely improvements in EBA, especially in regards to presentation. The song choices however, were a bit lacking for me, probably spot on for many Americans though. And while its a lot easier to read than Ouendan, its Japanesey charm is not 100% intact in EBA.


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Like any Rhythm action games, there's a few songs I dont' care for, but a lot of great ones. In particular - the debate over Ready Steady Go Vs Jumpin Jack Flash is a weird one (IMO obviously) as they both feel like great songs... and I like the fact you don't have to wait 1 minute as in RSG and can skip the intro, which is so handy when you are retrying things.

For completeness I went through this in easy first - big mistake it's too slow and easy becomes more difficult because of it (for me at least), I'm about half way through hard now and I'm finding it the "natural" difficulty for getting the right flow of things to poke my stylus with

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I don't think it's lost much charm at all, really. And yeah, there are some crap tunes, but then there were a couple of fairly rubbish ones on Ouendan. In nearly all cases the quality of the actual level (in terms of the story and beat placement) makes up for the song.

I'd say it's AS GOOD AS Ouendan. What it loses in freshness and song goodness it makes up for with the new features, like the Skip. Oh, and JJF on Hard is amazing. Better than RSG on Hard I'm saying.

And You're The Inspiration is almost on a par with Over The Distance, which I never thought possible. In fact, the story's possibly even more moving (perhaps that's because I've become a dad recently) although the song's not as good.

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The actual stories for the levels are better than Ouendan as well, they're much more creative.

I agree, on the whole. Anyone who says EBA isn't as inventive or 'quirky' in the storytelling is burying their head in the sand.

And I thought the Over The Distance equivalent in this was handled beautifully.

It's really much better than we had any right to expect. You'll get some people who'll refuse to acknowledge it's as good as Ouendan, simply because it's not Japanese or it's too Americanised or something. But it's every bit as good.

Considering how so many were saying it wouldn't work, you really have to praise NoA for what is really one of the best localisation efforts I've seen. It's a different game, but it still feels like Ouendan.

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