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IGN has new vids up for download.

YMCA and the weather one look great. The only disappointment for me there is the Sk8r Boi level. Nothing wrong with the stage as such, but the cover is poor. It sounds really insipid.

This is out next week in the US isn't it?

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Y-M-C-A is funneh! :wub:

Impressions so far on normal difficulty.

Covers are good quality and sound is nice and clear.

Graphics look awesome, such a bright game. Not much mystery there.

You can skip the story into to a song AND the pre song intro and go right into it...no more ready steady go 2 minute waits

Pace seems really slow, but then thats maybe because I have not played ouendan on normal difficulty since forever.

The taps are a lot more in tune with certain parts of the music so timing needs to be right.

Basically...its a western ouendan!

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