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Nintendo Pre-E3 Conference Thread


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So fucking great. I wonder how they will do it on the showfloor. With all the controllers, will they have cables attached with locks, and won't there be a huge interference with hundreds of Wii controllers around.

One thing is sure, the Nintendo booth will attract the most onlookers.

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The Gamespot cheapo feed is DEAD. Help!!!

Is probably an easier way to get it working again but try going to 'change media settings' and clicking 'apply changes' - worked for me (several times...)

EDIT: Erk! Too late...

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This is writing video game history : Iwata, Miyamoto and Fils-Aimé in a live-broadcast virutal tennis match?

I think the real point is getting a random stranger, who's never played the game or touched the controller, up on stage to play the game with them, live.

That's inclusion.

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