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I really shouldn't get annoyed any more when they come to the UK and only ever play England. Ah who am I kidding - bunch of twats need to take a good look at themselves - what's it been, 12 years since they last played up here?

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Back from Amsterdam, had a great time.

This is me on a musical high after the show...all merched up!


Set list was fun, got 12 songs for the first time. Was my 10th show.

01. Pendulum (1)
02. Nothingman (3)
03. Breakerfall (2)
04. Corduroy (9)
05. All Night (1)
06. Animal (6)
07. Got Some (6)
08. Mind Your Manners (1)
09. Given To Fly (7)
10. Who You Are (1)
11. Lightning Bolt (1)
12. Even Flow (10)
13. Swallowed Whole (1)
14. Sirens (1)
15. Light Years (4)
16. Evacuation (1)
17. Wishlist (4)
18. Porch (5)

Encore Break 1

19. Low Light (2)
20. Thin Air (1)
21. Sleeping By Myself (1)
22. Footsteps (4)
23. Come Back (3)
24. Jeremy (4)
25. Better Man (9)
26. Rearviewmirror (5)

Encore Break 2

27. Go (5)
28. Why Go (7)
29. Supersonic (2)
30. Sonic Reducer (1)
31. Alive (10)
32. Indifference (1)
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I'm seeing them at Milton Keynes with my girlfriend and a couple of her friends. If I'm honest, I only know the Ten album, which I adore, but never listened to their other stuff. What should I go for?

My wife is a massive PJ fan. I think I'm seeing them in MK for the third or fourth time, and I still only recognise songs from Ten.

Perhaps I'll have to create a spotify list next week.

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Back from Berlin. Went to the Wuhlheide four years ago for the first time and it became an instant favourite venue. It's a smallish amphitheatre (think it holds around 17,000 people) in the middle of a wooded park. That show was the 10 year anniversary of the Roskilde festival in Denmark where 9 people died down the front. The band were very emotional, especially during Come Back, but despite the moments of sober reflection and respect to the families it was still a rocking show and the best I've seen...a big part of that was the Wuhlheide.

So returning, despite the train line being disrupted, had me and my, now veteran, tour partner, and now wife, very excited. We got to the woods around 2.30pm and walked around to the Ten Club area. No queue for wristbands, 90s music blasting from the beer and bratwurst stand, fans just lying around enjoying the park and sunshine. The contrast to Amsterdam and most every other gig venue really hits home. If you've not been I can't recommend it enough. Got in about 5ish and went straight to the seats a couple of rows up on Mike's side. We were in this part of the Wuhleide last time, you feel part of the floor but just raised up enough for an amazing view of the stage and the sun sets off to your right behind the circling tree line. Once we had our spot I went off to grabs some wurst and the wife came back with the show t-shirt. We agreed the poster was a bit shit so didn't bother with that despite being merch fiends.


Band came on around 8pm and ripped through a pretty decent first set. Highlights for me were Corduroy (love it every time), Hold On, You Are, Immortality and Lukin. The comedy moment was a chant to get Stone to sing which turned into an improv where Eddie explained that it was not up to Stone, Jeff had to let him. Stone got on the Mike and sang a line from Disney's Frozen (which Ed had tagged in Amsterdam on the end of Daughter and got a strange amount of media attention from). Was good fun stuff. Another good bit was when somebody chucked a basketball on stage and Eddie bounced it through his legs and Jeff spun it on his finger. Geeky PJ shit right there!

The first encoure was chilled and the energy from the first set started to drain away until Comatose and Blood woke everybody back up. Then Porch, the big globe lights came down for the usual swing and duck shenanigans. Ed had a proper fucked up leg in Amsterdam so we watched wondering whether he'd swing from his globe (something that was cool first time around, but now feels a little sad and way too stagey). Guess he felt the same and instead climbed up the the side of the stage...about half way up to the lighting rig. After seeing him limping off at the end of Amsterdam my mind was blown! Sure, it's just an old man climbing up some scaffolding but fuck off, this is Eddie Vedder back to climbing up shit! It doesn't get any better than that.




That last one shows how excited I was...

Berlin Wuhlhiede 2014

01. Pendulum (2)

02. Low Light (3)

03. Nothingman (4)

04. In My Tree (2)

05. Go (6)

06. Why Go (8)

07. Do The Evolution (8)

08. Corduroy (10)

09. Lightning Bolt (2)

10. Mind Your Manners (2)

11. Gods Dice (3)

12. Hold On (1)

13. Given To Fly (8)

14. You Are (1)

15. Who You Are (2)

16. Even Flow (11)

17. Let Stone Sing (1)

18. Sirens (2)

19. Jeremy (5)

20. Immortality (5)

21. Eruption (1)

22. Lukin (3)

23. Rearviewmirror (6)

Encore Break 1

24. Sleight Of Hand (1)

25. Sleeping By Myself (2)

26. All Those Yesterdays (1)

27. Crazy Mary (4)

28. Comatose (2)

29. Blood (2)

30. Porch (6)

Encore Break 2

31. Bee Girl (1)

32. I Believe In Miracles (1)

33. Alive (11)

34. Keep On Rockin In The Free World (2)

35. Yellow Ledbetter (9)

Next stop Leeds!

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Cannot bloody wait for Leeds :-)

There's no support, which I think means that PJ are just going to play for bloody ages!

According to the Leeds Arena site, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are supporting, which is disappointing. I'd rather a 2.5 hour PJ set

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I'm seeing them at Milton Keynes with my girlfriend and a couple of her friends. If I'm honest, I only know the Ten album, which I adore, but never listened to their other stuff. What should I go for?

I would argue that Vs is their best album; Daughter is my favourite song of all time.

Their last album, Lightning Bolt, is very good too.

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Fucking hell that was an awesome gig. 12th show and heard Ghost, Don't Gimme No Lip, Army Reserve, Man Of The Hour, All Or None, Fatal, The Real Me and All Along The Watchtower for the first time. Loved The Who vibes too. Sad it's over, but hopefully they'll be back again in a couple of years.

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I would've dearly loved them to have played Crown of Thorns at Leeds too, but I'm not bitter.

The Jeremy > State of Love & Trust > Alive back-toback triple-whammy was hard to beat.

Still buzzing about it, days later. Not had a gig move me like this for years and years.

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