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I'm giving this one a miss. Wish they'd come back to Scotland.

This - how many times have they played down south since the gig at the SECC? Honestly you'd think it would kill them to make an extra few hundred mile journey.

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Finally got a chance to listen to it. Infallible jumps out as an instant favourite along with Yellow Moon. I love Eddie's voice when he's doing the chanty Native American spiritual stuff and he goes for it on the latter. Sleeping By Myself is as odd and strangely out of place as I thought it might be after hearing it on his Uke album. Pendulum was a litte too moody, but I expect will grow on me. Some great old sounding lead guitar on Let The Records Play, that should be great to hear live with Mike going hard with the solos. Not a fan of Lightning Bolt still after hearing a recording of it from the Wrigley Field gig, it's not crap by any means, just hasn't gripped me yet.

Probably being overly critical because I love this band so much, it's certainly a more interesting album than Backspacer was and sounds more like Pearl Jam than they have for a while. Less than a week to go...

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From the setlist notes from last night's Worcester gig - sounds like the album is doing well for them...

Ed says, “I don’t want to sound....un humble or anything, a little humility is good but something strange happened today. Our record went number one on iTunes in 54 countries. Now some of the them sure (lists countries) but what about (lists several other countries where they haven’t played). So that is why we are playing so long tonight because we probably won’t be back for about ten years because now we are going to play in “Vietnam, Mongolia-(continues to list countries)

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