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Alien Vs Predator 2: Requiem


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Someone watch this and Prometheus back to back and tell us which is worse. I still think AVPR is the worst film featuring Aliens.

Also, I can't believe that Paulando said back in the stone age of 2009 that he thought AVPR was better than AVP! Maybe transitioning into this new more enlightened decade will have helped him to reconsider.

I mean, AVP has the personality alien in Netty the net-faced alien. What does AVPR have? Nothing as far as we know because it's all too dark. Like a pirate VCD from 2002.

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This is free on Disney Plus so I’ve put it on while I’m doing other things. I’d read about it being “too dark” but they’ve genuinely not set the white point correctly. The actual sun in space is a medium grey. Scenes in broad daylight outside on a sunny day seem like they’re being watched through sunglasses. I really wonder if someone fucked up when they were making the master, had their monitor set on limited RGB or something, and nobody ever cared to go back and correct it.


Edit - There’s so much online about it not being out well but it’s even affecting scenes we got with outdoor light or which are purely CGI. Just bafflingly technically incompetent.



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This thread bump made me put it on. I've not seen it since it first came out.


Cricket from Always Sunny just popped up as a pizza guy. This will no doubt be the highlight of the film.

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