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Well the wait is well and truly over for rakefree poker online, and I cannot recommend it enough. The site is well regarded in sports betting, and they're trying to increase traffic to their poker room (and the rest of their sports betting) by introducing truly rakefree poker.

The upsides:

RAKE FREE! Fast software. RAKE FREE!

The downsides:

Site traffic isn't huge, you can't use the likes of PAHUD (which will probably be a blessing for most people here to be honest) and you have to manualy import hand histories to PT (not all that much of an issue really), you can only have 3 cash game tables (and one tourney table) open at the same time, and you get the rake paid back to your account once every week, rather than there being no rake taken upfront.

Give it a go, spread the word, enjoy!

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The company is an absolutely ENORMOUS sportsbook business, and their poker room is tiddly in comparison. Besides which, I know a lot of people are using their 100% rakeback to bet elsewhere on the site.

Everyone wins!

Anyway, I tried it yesterday, ran reasonably hot for about 30-40 minutes over 3 tables of $2/4, made $89.50 profit and then an extra $12 rakeback which I'll get back next week. So breakeven poker would net me over £10 per hour if I was 3 tabling 2/4, which isn't exactly a bad deal!

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I hope this site takes off, but I just withdrew all my cash there.

There's hardly any games at 0.5/1 and 1/2, only being able to 3-table sucks (on the occasions I can actually get 3 games!) and I've been spoiled by re-sizeable tables on Party.

If they enough games I'd play there, cos the saving on rake would be really fantastic.

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