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Half Life 2: Episode 1


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Obviously this is just me talking, but I honestly cannot fathom why there are those who don't get this game.

Admittedly, if you're not a fan of FPS's, then there we go, but otherwise there's no excuses.

There so much invention going on in the game it's untrue.

I'm only waxing lyrical because I'm playing the thing for the umpteenth time, just got out of Nova Prospect and am not the Anti Citizen One, and going to kick a helluva lot of butt.

Oh, and Dog's done his lovely little bit.

You just don't get these moments in many games...

And the more I play the Xbox version, the more I appreciate how utterly fantastic the conversion job is...God knows why I sold my PC...

So. To summise: People who don't like HL (aside from the performance issues...of course!) are officially Dead Inside and I loathe and despise you.


(but of course...)

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Admittedly, if you're not a fan of FPS's, then there we go, but otherwise there's no excuses.

I would have thought this would be an FPS for those that don't like FPS's, to be honest. Whilst there are different ways to tackle each combat situation they mostly involve using the physics rather than the enemy AI as it is rather weak, there certainly is little to no advantage in circle-strafing your foe and much if not all of the kills rely on panic-stricken reactions rather than anything that could be construed as the staple of great first person shooters; even the movement feels very wrong, no grace.

The strengths of the game revolve around great level design and imaginitive scripted moments (or set-ups when scripting doesn't technically occur).. the former certainly is to be found in a good FPS but the latter is something that adds to survival horror and adventure games.

Then again, plenty of multiplayer mods make this a proper FPS, shame I don't think it's so viable in single-player mods though.

Currently dowloading 'Plan of Attack', I've played it before but have just reinstalled 'Half Life 2' and am getting it again.. not going to bother with counter strike to be honest, this is the far superior beast.

'Source Forts' is hot stuff too, pity they are sticking to HL2's not-so-satisfying arsenal of weapons, though. Would much prefer a proper sniper rifle to make sky forts more viable and none of these shitty energy weapons.

Both of those ftw.

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To my delight I found that registering my original CD key on Steam for my bought-at-launch copy of the first Half-Life entitles me to Blue Shift and Opposing Force absolutely free. Nice chaps that Valve lot.

Where as I bought the collection not knowing somebody had "tested" it and wasn't able to play anything other then HL.

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il try chucking my old cd key into steam, but im sure it swallowed it up when i bought hl2

by the way if anyone wants the HD wep pack for hl1 (even on steam) let me know.

you just drop the models in the valve/models folder no need to install it

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Oh yeah for anyone goin back on HL1 or blue shift or whatever, might wana have a look at this config for 1 button weapon select, 1 button longjump and some other stuff (save the necessary as autoexec.cfg in the valve folder)

obviously you wont want my key assignments so change them..comments in brackets

default_fov 95 [better field of view]

zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1.1 [zoomed in bow mouse speed]

hud_fastswitch 1 [fast gun switch]

fps_max 75 [set to refresh rate]

r_decals 2000 [keeps all the explosions on]

rate 9999

cl_rate 9999

bind mouse2 +forward

bind e +use

bind c +moveright

bind x +moveleft

bind z +duck

bind t messagemode

bind y messagemode2

bind alt +back

bind ` toggleconsole

bind f5 snapshot

bind "end" "disconnect;disconnect;wait;wait;wait;wait;quit"

alias "+scores1" "+showscores;+reload"

alias "-scores1" "-showscores;-reload"

bind "tab" "+scores1"

//alias "+lj" "+duck;wait;+jump"

//alias "-lj" "-duck;wait;-jump"

alias "+lj" "+duck; +jump" [1 button longjump]

alias "-lj" "-duck; -jump"

bind space +lj

bind "m" "viewmodel1" [turns weapon model on and off]

alias "viewmodel1" "r_drawviewmodel 0;bind m viewmodel2"

alias "viewmodel2" "r_drawviewmodel 1;bind m viewmodel1"

//weps [1 button quake style weapon selecting - with bonus turn viewmodel off on xbow with mousewheel for better view]

bind "3" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_357;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "q" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_gauss;bind mouse1 +attack2;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "1" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_egon;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack"

bind "s" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_shotgun;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "a" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_9mmAR;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "w" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_rpg;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "ctrl" "-attack;-attack2;weapon_9mmhandgun;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "d" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 0;weapon_crossbow;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "2" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_satchel;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "6" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_hornetgun;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "5" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_grenades;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

bind "7" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 1;weapon_snark;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mouse3 +attack2"

[1 button quickfire bow attack, quick zoom in / fire / zoom out (deadly)

alias "bow" "-attack;-attack2;r_drawviewmodel 0;weapon_crossbow;bind mouse1 quickill"

alias "quickill" "use weapon_crossbow;+attack2;wait;wait;+attack;wait;wait;-attack;wait;-attack2;lastinv;lastinv"

bind "mwheelup" "bow"

echo Config loaded..

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It's gone gold, bitches! :unsure:


Valve announced that the first expansion to Half-Life 2 has gone gold and will meet its June 1st release date. The press release announces that Episode 1 is the first part of a trilogy that will conclude by Christmas 2007. Interesting enough, they promise Episode 2 by the end of this year. The episode is designed to be four to six hours in length, and feature Gordon, Alex, and Dog in the immediate aftermath of Half-Life 2. Episode 1 also comes with The Lost Coast technology demo as well as two multiplayer games.

Half-Life 2: Episode 1 ships June 1st on Valve's steam client and in stores.



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Oooh, another teaser and it's even shorter. Damn, stop teasing me Valve :)

At least it's not long to wait now :)

6 hours? 8)

It's better than nothing, plus we can look forward to another episode towards the end of the year.

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Piss off.

Some of us still can't play the fucking game properly. When Half-Life 2 first came out it was completely unplayable for me and 1000's of other (going by the Valve forums) due to stuttering. Patch after patch came and many months later it was in a reasonably playable state. Then another patch came and it was badly stuttering again.

lol, my version never stuttered, and at the time i was playing it, it was running on a 1GHZ P3, 384MB RAM and a shitty GeForce 2 MX :(

Did have a Soundblaster card though..

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