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Alien: The Directors Cut

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The Special Edition is the 'director's cut', you nonce.

Are they rebranded then? Ie. Can you buy a DVD called Aliens Director's Cut? Because the VHS I had was called Aliens: Special Edition. Although I knew it was different from the theatrical cut, I thought they were two different cuts.

EDIT: Just had a look and it appears you are correct Paulando. I got this impression when earlier on as I skimmed through the thread, I didn't catch it being referred to specifically as the "special edition", so I thought it was a different cut.

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Yeah, the Special Edition is a 'Director's Cut' with all of the scenes cut from the shortened theatrical release added back into the film. The Special Edition is the one released on DVD, though in the new set you can choose to watch the original cut. There was never anything released called 'Aliens: Director's Cut'.

I prefer the threatrical cut actually, but I've mentioned that before and I'm not going to get into that discussion again :P

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