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Test Drive Unlimited

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I may have a problem, Back to the future 2 is on until 4:25 - wife nad kids wanna watch it. Hopefully they will forget about it but they did watch the first one yesterday !

No map in my box either - mine didnt come from game so unlikely it was stolen, just not in there. Maybe there is a n00b pack :(

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Not in mine it's not. The middle pages of my manual, page 24/25 are the Swedish instructions.

Mine too.

odd because mine is a fold out map.

Mine's a big old fold out map as well.

Must be a n000b edition :( mine is a recent purchase - maybe it was the more original release that had the map ?

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sorry about the not being able to hear people and stuff. That was my fault with the wireless connection here. Gonna be back on in about 15 mins with an open nat if peeps are still around. When i left em they were in a 7 man multiplayer race.

As for the race, i took a wrong turn down what i thought was a shortcut but turned out to be a dead end, then my grlfriend kicked out the xbox power cable, so i kinda sucked!

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Nooooo ! I went to buy skyline but I do not have enough room in my garage. I guess I need to buy another house. Not sure I have enough money to buy house, buy skyline and tune it. I've got around $250k.

You can get a house for 150k, 70k to tune so doable.

Great fun, kids too much so now leaving - hope to have some more games :(

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