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Tilt Shift Photography...

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Ah, faux swing & tilt. Nice.

Real tilt lenses tends to blur blue light more than red and subtley distorts the picture. There's a spark for Flame that does this quite well - Saphire Lens_Chroma (not sure if Genarts make it for other systems).

It's been used quite a bit in post production over the last few years, I used it to death on the Champions League idents a few years back.

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That tutorial uses PS CS, I've got PS 7 and can't find half the stuff the tutorial mentions. Why for example, can't i select gradient after pressing 'Q'?

I am a total PS n00b btw.

The Len's Blur affect isn't in CS.

But..seeing as the tutorial isn't really using Len's Blur's main strength, which is considering depth using an alpha channel or whatever. You might as well just use the blurs that PS7 offers.

Dunno about the gradient thing. Don't have 7 to hand.

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all mine have been done in PSP6.0 by

bluring a lot of the background

bluring a bit of the foreground

adjusting the colours a bit.

I selected part of the background and feathered the select tool a fair bit and then used the Blur More option a few times. Then I did the same to the foreground. Same difference though.


This is fun!

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Some fantastic stuff in here. The main problem I'm having is my original photos aren't really sharp enough. I might have to go out tomorrow and take some new pics.


Architectural model for the Glasshouse hotel, Edinburgh


Dockside diarama, Andros, Greece


Hora, Andros


Detail from my train set

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