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Saints Row then.....


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When are they going to sort the v-synch out on the 360, the (supposed) final build of this game is full of it.

The music station interludes have some cringe worthy moments(trying to do what GTA does so well but fails embarrisingly)

Needs more play yet before bieng wrote off as a bad GTA clone.

Yes its out there!

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I played for about 30 minutes and wrote it off as a terrible GTA clone.

completely misses the point of what it is that makes GTA good.

the yanks'll love it though...

Yeah I was having a debate with someone on another forum about it being a terrible GTA clone as well, and I added that I found it had no character at all, compared to GTA.

Then this idiot tells me it has, via the character creator thing.


A character creator doesn't give the game character, I said.

For him, it did, was his reply.


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I'll probably pick this up with a 360 next week, I'll be needing a adventure game to supplement my N3 hack-and-slashery. Pity it seems to be borked in VGA though :blink: (that is to say, it only really looks good in widescreen resolutions and my monitor auto-stretches these)

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Not many reviews out for this in Game Rankings, and none are the few trusted ones I go with, but the ones there are good:

GamePro - 4.75 out of 5

Official Xbox Magazine - 8 out of 10

Game Informer - 8.75 out of 10

Frag Land - 90 out of 100

Official Xbox Magazine UK - 8 out of 10

Play Magazine - 9 out of 10

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Multiplayer modes

Gangster Brawl – The Saints Row version of death match, this mode is a free-for-all or team-based brawl to the finish.

Big A$$ Chains – Free-for-all or team-based, players battle it out as they collect Big A$$ Chains from their fallen opponents and deliver them to the drop-off point to earn cash. Score multipliers are added when multiple chains are dropped off at once, but if the player is killed, all chains are lost.

Blinged Out Ride - Two gangs compete to turn their beater mobile into a Blinged Out Ride, earning money to upgrade their car by eliminating rival gang members and picking up cash spawns throughout the level.

Protect Tha Pimp – A pimp, protected by his bodyguards, must escape through one of multiple exits. Standing in the way are armed hitmen, looking to bring him down, while trying to avoid the pimp’s trusty one-hit kill backhand. It’s a race to see if the hitmen can eliminate the pimp, or if the bodyguards can stop the opposition and deliver the VIP to safety.

Co-Op – Two players must survive an onslaught of police and enemy attacks as they attempt a variety of missions, which include escaping a crime scene and delivering “special” packages.

Link & HD Multiplayer trailer

You can run about in your pants, with a green afro online. You can start your own gang. The green afro pants young team.

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It says a lot about the demo that I had more fun by trying to break it by going through the barrier to areas I'm not supposed to than by playing properly, trying to complete the missions, and listening to the insultingly bad dialogue.

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To be honest, I think I'll be buying it despite being initially put off by the demo. I went back to it, and if they definitely do sort out the framerate problems I can see it being quite a fun game to fuck around with. The driving and the combat are certainly better than in GTA.

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