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I didn't realise that in 1988 Prost outscored Senna, but back then only the driver's 11 best results for a season counted. These new rules are definitely not crazier than that.

It kinda made sense at the time, it was to combat unreliability. The constructors championship still counted all rounds but drivers were allowed to drop because they would likely only be finishing half the races through no fault of their own.

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What a difference a year makes. About this time last year DiResta was being talked up by some of the media as a Massa replacement, and now he's gone.

Great tweet from pitflaps :lol: :

"Actually, I always really loved and admired Indycar," says di Resta, suddenly

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Looking at his other drawings, the perspective is all odd on them, they look kind of twisted as you can see part of the top of the nose and then just the sides from the cockpit through to the rear wing.

Obviously its well above anything I've ever been able to do...

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Perez finally confirmed at Force India. That's a good fit and a second chance for him to rebuild. If he can compete with Hulk then who knows, maybe he will get another shot at a top drive.

It's a good fit for Force India's bank account, with Perez bringing several million in Mexican sponsorship.

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Has the compulsory tyre change stuff been dropped? That did actually sound kinda promising from the perspective of ensuring that driving as fast as you can is a better strategy than taking it easy to reduce the number of pit stops. Certainly less daft than the double points malarky at least.

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Di Resta is providing some entertainment in the close season at least. I didn't realise Anthony Hamilton had brought a case of wrongful termination against him, currently in the courts and quite comical. Thread on the Autosport forums which has a link to some of the stories over the past week.

You've got AH claiming Lewis never paid him, then later remembering he had paid him £3m over the years. Latest is about a box of phones, that vanished, yet recently turned up in a disused letterbox by the back gate of his house. Only three of the eight phones though, interesting choice by the "thief".

He also had the guy that has installed the security system give evidence, not sure how he delivered it with a straight face.

Banks said that he and his team had installed 110 CCTV cameras at Hamilton’s home, although none of them point at the back gates. Downes described that as “unfortunate”.

AH doesn't really come out of it very well, obviously it could all be a series of misunderstandings and he wins the case. Can see why people might want different management though.

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I just want to say.....

Called it.


Posted 14 June 2007 - 08:20 PM

Quote Autosport

Vettel to replace Kubica at Indianapolis

By Pablo Elizalde Thursday, June 14th 2007, 19:41 GMT

Robert Kubica will not be allowed to race at the United States Grand Prix following his massive crash in Canada last Sunday.

The Pole will be replaced by BMW Sauber's test driver Sebastian Vettel, who will make his Grand Prix debut this weekend at the age of 19.

Kubica crashed heavily during the Canadian Grand Prix, his car being destroyed after impacting against the wall at very high speed.

Although the Pole spent the night in hospital, he was released on Monday with just some bruises and a sprained ankle.

Kubica said on Thursday he felt 100 per cent ready to race, but the FIA doctors have not given the Pole the green light.

He was rejected on grounds of fears of another impact. He will undergo further checks in France before he is allowed to compete again.

"I am disappointed especially as I feel so good," said Kubica, who will fly home instead of staying at the track for the Grand Prix.


While I'm sorry for Kubica , I'm really excited to see Vettel. It's just such a shame the kid has had virtualy zero running in this years car. I hope people take that into consideration when judging his performances. I'm convinced this kid is special.

That and Merry Christmas.


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