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Hi, i’m afraid this one is going to be very short. I had a bit of a family crisis this weekend so I didn’t really get to see enough of the F1 weekend to make much comment on it.

Vettel won and takes the championship, Newey rolled up on TV and said it was all down to the tyre change mid season. The tyre change they’d been demanding for the first half of the season. Since that change they have only lost one race and even then in Hungry Vettel was third.

So, well the teams try to work every rule to their advantage, you might say it was all a bit unfair and it devalued what had been an interesting championship up to that point. And you would be bag on the money.

It’ll have a think about all and write something a bit more considered in a bit. Right now, I’m exhausted after what has been a bit of a roller coaster for me and my family.

Vettel – four in a row, was it teh car or the driver or the designer ?

Rosberg – Hey remember him, he still drivers for Mercedes ... who knew.

Grosjean – cocked up qualifying, raced back to a podium, it’s a break out year for the Frenchman.

Massa – Why does he drive so well when he needs a contract ?

Perez – takes a leaf out of Massa’s book, might keep his McLaren seat yet.

Hamilton – out drove by Rosberg this weekend, not a happy bunny all weekend apparently.

Kimi – “get out of the f’in way you judas” does as he was told for a change.

Di Resta – Gets to finish a race for a change, still might not be enough.

Sutil – beaten by his unfancied team mate for a change. Blames the car.

Ricciardo – Back in the points again.

Kimi got the fastest lap after changing tyres with 1 lap left and nailing it like a hero. Lotus still unimpressed.

Finally Bianchi was dead last and got beaten by Chilton for a change.

So there you go, its Abu Dhabi next and there is still some interest to be had race fans.

Picasso Of Pain,16
James Roberts,15
Tokyo Bogue,11
Boozy The Clown,8

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It's been a weird season, I refuse to get involved with any Sky subscriptions but I think the BBC coverage has been really weak and I don't feel like I've been a proper part of it all.

In what should be one of the finest years in the sport with the range of drivers we have right now it all feels a little pedestrian too. That's after they've made rule changes to liven things up.

I don't blame Vettel either, the race happening around him just doesn't feel tight and consequential.

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The tyre change seems to have reset the championship and it's all gone a bit 2011 since.

I can't wait for next year, with the new cars and new driver line ups. It sucks arse a bit that these things get sorted while the championship is still underway but that's how it goes, I guess.

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I think Ferrari, Mercedes and probably McLaren gave up the chase once they realised the tyre change had just given Redbull such an advantage. You can undersrtand Hamiltons suprise now after the win in Hungry, they must have known the writing was on the wall after Germany.

I supose we'll never know how the champinoship would have turned out had Pirelli stuck to their guns and told the teams to sort their cars out to match the tyres they had. But exploding tyres on a classic track was always going to be hard to wave off as pure coincidence i suppose.

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I think it'll be okay everyone one's back from the hospital now. Emergency ambulance runs to the hospital at 2.30 am are never plesant things. But I did learn from the attendant that one of those big vans can hit 105mph with a tailing wind and down hill stretch of road. I was impressed, the wife less so ;)

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Oh man - hope everything sorts itself out soon Bob, all the best.

Seems that the second Lotus seat is dependent on them securing funding from this Quantum group. If they do, Hulkenburg is in. If they don't, Maldonado will probably take this PDVSA money there... until of course the scandal over exactly how this money is allocated properly breaks, at which point a whole lot of Venezuelan drivers' careers are going to be seriously in the brown.

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I'd have thought he'd only consider a top team with a big budget who could be championship contenders in a couple of years. McLaren, Ferrari and perhaps Lotus are the only ones I'd think are possibilities (but have no idea about their set-ups to know how likely any are). Perhaps even Torro Rosso if Mr Red Bull fancies the idea of them stepping up a notch?

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