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yeah, its all good good good good, oh fuck sticks.

anyway, as some one who though Lewis going to Merc would be a massive mistake, what do i know :) but i think Ferrari are making a mistake taking Kimi, he's fast just as long as the car is good, otherwise he just sort of huffs around and complins to the team. I think you have to look at 2014 as a blank design year and Newey generally takes a couple of years to hone his designs into winners. AND renault don't appear to have the best engine this time round. The word is the Merc unit is all kinds of amazing. With the energy recovery playing a far bigger part in the drive system next year, i think redbull might struggle. Newey clasically doesn't do the mechanics he's all aero and packaging.

So Ferrari and Merc are fractionaly ahead of Redbull in the "assumed" pecking order of power" next year. Unless Alonso is realy really pissed with Ferrari i suspect he'll stay put and suck up the pain to see how it goes, if they blow Redbull away and beat Merc, then all well and good. After than, Well the Honda engine and Buttons seat i think would be the strongest option. But it would be another year of development.

So i think he'll stick it out, with Kimi. Merc with retain Lewis and Nico. REdbull will be Vettel and Ricky and Button will get a year with Perez on rolling contract. The Hulk ... would then take the Lotus seat with Grosjean. Massa in the Sauber with the Russian sprog, best seat going left isn't it ? all the others are spoken for.

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We should do a predictor list for all the remaining drives :)

1 pt for every correct answer, with 13 up for grabs. Go Go GO!


Mclaren: Confirmed

RedBull: Confirmed

Ferrari: Alonso / Raik

Lotus: Hulk / Gros

Sauber: Gutierez / Sirotkin (Pay drivers pls save us)

Caterham: Massa / Pic

Torro Rosso: JEV / Sainz

Force India: Direzzzzzzz / Calado

Marussia: Bianchi / DaCosta (Red Bull placement)

I think Max might keep his drive if daddy pays up, but I can also see Red Bull, feeling confident after Ric's appointment paying to get another of their drivers into F1. With Sainz as well that could be 5 Reb Bull drivers in F1 next year.

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I'd be surprised if Sainz got the TR seat over da Costa - he's not got the experience. He really impressed me when I was sat at Abbey for the GP3 practice in June, but I think he needs as least one more season in GP3 or GP2 first before he gets an F1 drive.

McLaren have two really fast kids and links with Marussia, so I reckon Magnussen or Vandoorne alongside Bianchi.

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Are Ferrari really likely to force Alonso out though? They're not quite as prone to throwing hissy fits as they once were and Dominicalli appears to have his head screwed on right. We have, however, see more of di Montezemalo around more recent races, but I imagine the team can look at the reasons why Alonso publically criticised them and work at addressing those issues. It's been some time since Ferrari won either Championship and the only drivers I can see who are hands on for delivering that are Alonso and Vettel. Look at what Alonso has done in the past 3 seasons. In all of Vettels championship winning years he's the only one who's looked to be able to push him for the title.

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My memories are increasingly hazy these days but I feel that they've been there before and far, far worse, Cheeko.

I think it was a comment by Jordan earlier this year that took me by surprise where he said something along those same lines of McLaren 'never having been there before'. With some exceptions (including Häkkinen being fast), I don't remember the Peugeot or Merc days of the mid-90s being spectacular overall or reflecting what we'd sat watching wide-eyed when running on Honda power only a few years earlier.

I don't have a positive feeling of the in-between Ford days either but given Senna's results, I suspect that's mainly due to remembering the BBC/McLaren TV series more nowadays and its coverage of Andretti's poor season rather distorting the reality of 1993 in my aged mind.


Others here will know better and I'm going to have to read at least a few Wiki pages for the teams and seasons now!


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most likely it will mean the two being occupied whilst competing with each other, leaving Vettel to win again. That's probably why they took Ricciardo and not Raikkonen at RB, they must think Aussies make good No 2 drivers.

although to be fair its not the driver, its the car. Ferrari have been substantially behind all season now, not quite last year but still noticeably slower than RB and Mercedes

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Ah yeah, I remember you asked this last night LeChuck - sadly I was braking for the Rettifilo at the time :lol:

Answer: it's happened once before to my knowledge. Back in the early 1950's I am sure they ran Farina and Ascari at the same time :) - Farina was champion in 1950, Ascari in 1952 and 1953.

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Has the move been announced elsewhere? Officially? I searched after my near-death experience of our race last night and it was a long line of a 50-50 split between those reporting it as fact and others as rumour.


Yes, it has!


Woah! Alonso and an on-form Kimi (make the ice-cream a performance-related condition of the contract) is an enticing prospect! It feels like an odd return after his last term there, though and the way companies play it safe with a clear #2, it's a surprise to see them create that sort of pairing. Potentially good for us, though!

If money doesn't do ALL of the talking, I hope that some of the other seats finally get to shake out in a good way now.


I've remembered a nicely related YouTube discovery of a few weeks ago...

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