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Longest time on the clock in a single game?

Alex W.

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Knocking on 90 hours for Disgaea, and I was 70 hours into Phantom Brave before I gave up.

But if Frequency had a timer, I dread to think. I was in my second year of uni, and all my seminars and lectures were rammed into two days at the start of the week. I was broke and utterly in love with the game (a sure fire combination to ramp up the timer) and I was playing it as if it was my full time job, with a weekend break to go and do a bit of learning.

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Guest Plan B

I picked up a second hand copy of Banjo-Kazooie the other day, the save files were '10hours, 23 mins-25 Jiggys, 200 notes.' Which wasn't very good really.

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450 odd hours on PGR2 (don't know exactly, the clock stopped working after 300 and something...).

I'd probably estimate 1500-2500 hours on CS in all it's different forms. Started playing at 1.1 played to 1.5 (couldn't get 1.6 to work on my old PC), got CSx and played it a load, and now play source/1.6

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