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Gizmondo Car Crash

JPickford (retired mod)

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Still it's good to know that if I ever want my own private CTU I just need to buy a bus with wheelchair access.

You don't even need that. Disabled transport in LA is controlled by The consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Los Angeles County (website www.asila.org). They then farm out the actual transport to smaller private companies like the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority. Someone made a complaint a couple of years ago that appears in the asila minutes, to wit:

Mr. Foster reported that one service animal related complaint was

filed as of the adjournment of the last Service Animal Subcommittee

meeting, November 22, 2002. The complaint was dated November

23, 2002. The provider supplying transportation was San Gabriel

Valley Transit. The situation involved a rider with a service animal,

that is the complainant, and two other passengers. The service

animal user was pick up last on the shared ride route. Since the

vehicle was a sedan, there was no room on the vehicle floor for the

service animal to sit. For that reason, the complainant had the dog sit

on his or her lap. The service animal weighs about eighty pounds

according to the complainant. The complainant's grievance was that

because the capacity on the sedan was limited, he or she had to

have the service animal sit on his or her lap.

Conversely, Mr. Foster noted in his investigation of the matter that the

complainant's pick-up was scheduled for 4:40 p.m. The driver arrived

within the twenty-minute window. The complainant was transported

by Access Paratransit and disembarked last. In spite of that, the

service animal remained on the complainant 's lap after the other

passengers had disembarked the vehicle. For that reason, Mr.

Foster questions why the service animal was not placed on the floor

once the other passenger(s) had disembarked. He also questions at

what time did the other passengers disembark in comparison to the


Chairperson Furst questioned if perhaps the driver altered the pick-up

and drop-off records. Mr. Foster coincided that he also wonders as

such. Therefore, Mr. Foster has decided to forward the trip records to

San Gabriel Transit for further investigation of the matter.

So any old car will do. They are disabled so chances are that you can fit more of them in after all a man with no legs doesn't actually need the floor space.

In an even more unbelievable development reported by NBC:

Brooks said that Eriksson had told deputies of his friend Trevor, who was a passenger in the Mercedes.

He said that Trevor -- he has a last name but is not releasing it -- said he was a friend of Eriksson and gave as his home address a boat slip in Marina del Rey.

The boat in that slip was a $14 million yacht, maybe the biggest in the harbor. And the name of the registered owner is Carl Freer.


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In the process of pissing money up the wall, err I mean designing and marketting a highly successful portable interactive entertainment device, we believe that it is vitally important for all senoir executives to get drunk, get into some very expensive fast cars (which may not actually be owned by them) and do their best to go out in style.

If he has the yacht I suggest he tries playing chicken with container ships.

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The guy is arrested on suspicion of Grand Theft Auto (oh, the irony) !!!

Check this:

Entrepreneur involved in Enzo Ferrari crash arrested

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The Swedish video game entrepreneur involved in the 162-mph crash of a rare Ferrari has been arrested on suspicion of grand theft, officials said.

Detectives concluded that the wrecked Enzo Ferrari -- one of only 400 made -- along with a Mercedes and another Enzo Ferrari in Stefan Eriksson's collection were actually owned by British financial institutions, said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Eriksson apparently brought the cars to Los Angeles when he moved from Britain last year, but the financial institutions that held the titles said his payments had lapsed.

Authorities have said the $600,000 Mercedes had been reported to London's Scotland Yard. The Ferrari was worth more than $1 million.

All three cars have been confiscated, and Eriksson, 44, was arrested at his Bel-Air home Saturday, Whitmore said.

He is being held without bail because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put a hold him, the Los Angeles Times reported in Monday editions.

The Ferrari crash spun into a web of mystery when Eriksson told authorities that he was only a passenger in the car and that the driver was a German acquaintance he knew only as Dietrich. He said Dietrich ran into the hills, but a search by sheriff's deputies turned up no one.

Officials have questioned Eriksson's story, noting that only the driver's side air bag had blood on it and Eriksson had a cut lip. The front of the red Ferrari crumpled when it slammed into a poll on the Pacific Coast Highway on February 21.

Eriksson was an executive with Gizmondo, a European video game company that filed for bankruptcy.

Source: CNN.com

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From the gizmondo forum:

Just when things were looking bad for Fat Stefan, Los Angeles television news announced this morning that the police seized a million dollars in cash when they arrested him the other day. They want to know where he got it and how he got it into the country without declaring it. It sounds like Poor Stefan is looking at a new felony charge now.
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Prior to this, 'his' SLR was impounded when

In the latest twist, police have confiscated Stefan Eriksson's $400,000 Mercedes Benz SLR after his wife was pulled over in Los Angeles. Nicole Persson was stopped on the corner of Beverly Drive and Wishire Boulevard because she was driving around with European license plates. The police later found out that she was driving without a license (not that she merely forgot her license, but that she never had a license in the first place). They also found out that the car was not registered in the United States and was reported stolen out of the United Kingdom.

There's pictures on www.wreckedexotics.com of his wife's SLR getting impounded.

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...Eriksson told authorities that he was only a passenger in the car and that the driver was a German acquaintance he knew only as Dietrich. He said Dietrich ran into the hills....

This line cracked me up. This whole story is fantastic stuff, and the almost daily updates detailing yet another twist is addictive viewing.

I demand a movie be made!

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