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Bruce Willis


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On 02/10/2022 at 15:22, Cheyenne said:

For Willis in particular, he's been the face of Hell Energy (a Hungarian energy drink company) for almost half a decade now, and the adverts never fail to make me laugh with their lazy quotes from him. Down the road from me is a Potraviny (corner shop) with a big image of Bruce hawking it in the window, proclaiming "Energy, Taste, Power!". Better yet is the quote they have on their official website, with an awkwardly photoshopped-looking Willis announcing "Now this I Like!". However, with the news of the last few months, the press release from February has aged like milk:




Even ignoring the optics now that his diagnosis is public, the copywriter must surely be able to actually feel their life force ebbing away as they write this horseshit?



The American actor legend still regularly has his fridge restocked with HELL and he is the owner of the one-billionth can, which he holds in high esteem.


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It seems obvious in retrospect. Kudos to one director recently who had booked him for two days but let him go early in the first day when everyone realised something wasn't right. (I can't place the story now but I vaguely remember reading about one of his last shoots where he had no idea where he was and why he was there.)

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