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How Much Is This Lot Worth?


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I've accumulated a stash of older consoles and games, but as I am about to finish university and go in to the big wide world, it may need to be sold. What sort of prices do you think my stuff is worth (a total per console/set of consoles and games, for instance)?

All games boxed/have instructions unless otherwise stated.

Mega Drive Collection


Mega Drive 1 w/ official six button controller

Mega CD


Mega Drive Games


Dynamite Headdy

Gunstar Heroes (cart only)


Soinc 2

Sonic 3

Super Street Fighter II (cart only)

Rocket Knight Adventures


Streets of Rage II (no manual)

Sensible Soccer

Talmits Adventure

World Of Illusion


Alien 3



Mega CD Games

Final Fight CD

Sonic CD

Batman Returns

Road Avenger


Sega Classics Arcade Collection

Cobra Command / Sol Feace

32X Games

Virtua Racing Deluxe

Virtua Fighter (cart only)

Fred Couples 36 Holes Golf

Metal Head



Snes Games (note: carts only)

Super Mario World

Donkey Kong Country

Super Aleste

Star Wing

FIFA International Soccer

Nintendo 64

Purple N64 Console

N64 Games (note: carts only)


1080 Snowboarding

Wave Race 64

WWF No Mercy

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

ISS 64


Saturn (second design w/ smaller pad)

Saturn Games

Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtual On

Manx TT Superbike

Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition

Sega Rally

Gun Griffon

Resident Evil


Sega Ages Vol.1

WWF In Your House


Sega Worldwide Soccer 97


I have rough idea's of what prices these would all be worth, but those may be completely different to what other's would be willing to pay for them. I am not selling these (yet) so please no messages over certain games, I'm just after a rough estimate - I would probably be selling each set of consoles with games together.

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I know I'd get more selling it seperately, it's just the hassle. Part of me wants one console under the tv and less of a necessity to want to buy lots of things when I go in to a games shop. Half of it isn't getting played, I feel like the fun is in the buying (adding good, playable stuff to my collection) as opposed to the sitting down and playing of it half the time, not sure if anyone else gets that.

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Keep hold of 'em mate, unless you really need the room or cash. You'll want to play them at some point, and will probably deeply regret flogging them (unless you're one of these "growing out of it" types ;)).

I'll be taking quite a few of my old consoles with me to university. No need to put gaming on hold completely, eh? :(

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Heh, looks like its SeanR and I are to have a large SEGA Car Boot Sale soon then :) The only purpose of keeping my collection at the moment is so when I get the urge of "oh, remember that!" I can just flick an RF switch and plug the cart in and get my fill for the evening.

Emulation through a tv (tv out from a pc, even) helps with the authenticity, and it'd be much cheaper and easier to manage that all those consoles under my tv...

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I feel like the fun is in the buying (adding good, playable stuff to my collection) as opposed to the sitting down and playing of it half the time, not sure if anyone else gets that.

I don't get that any more but I certainly went through a phase of it. My advice is to keep adding "good, playable stuff" to your collection but start actively playing it. In no time you'll realise what titles you only thought were "good, playable stuff" because other people said so and what titles really are. That's as much about finding what your taste is as anything else.

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