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The Spurs Thread

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7 minutes ago, Charliemouse said:

Without a decent midfield, even the return of Bale isn’t going to make much difference sadly, maybe N’Dombele will shock us all and start to resemble the player we paid over 50 million for, because frankly the Midfield  player’s we have now - excluding Lo Celso are just not good enough.

Agreed. But still - it is quite exciting to potentially have him back. 

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On 07/09/2020 at 19:10, Jammy said:

Watched the next three today. These three were much more interesting I thought. Spoilered because you might want to see them first.


  Reveal hidden contents

Rose is extremely fiery, Tanganga is quite articulate, Lloris is much more of an inspiring captain than Kane.


If I take nothing else from the documentary it will be that I am now going to call him, henceforth, Lucas Floor-a

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Finished the Amazon show today. After a really poor start with Episode 1, everything settled down quite nicely and didn't feel like a trailer all the way through it. 


The subtitles though, wtf


I'm going to miss it now, I would quite happily turn in to watch one of those each month if there where to make them. Given the current situation and trying to keep fans entertained, I think that would be a decent idea.


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15 minutes ago, englishbob said:

I wonder if the Bale signing is true, just what the level of expectation is here given his age and lack of play over the years. I live in hope.


I'll never get bored of watching this goal, I know that.



I’m hoping his lack of playing time will be beneficial - better than being run into the ground like Kane and Son.

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Son and Bale back for the West Ham game after the International break.

New striker inbound.

Potentially new quality CB coming in.

We have two quality attacking fullbacks.

NDombele looking great.

Stoke next in the League cup, and we'll avoid either Man C or Arse (Chelsea and Liverpool already out).


Things are looking good for once.

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