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Nintendo DS Lite


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A thread is fine by me, as long as you make sure the buyer knows it's still on its way, and don't take payment until it arrives and you're ready to send it. But what's the point, until it arrives?

I need the cash as soon as possible, and sorting a deal out quickly beforehand just seems like common sense. I've already got a potential buyer I'm swapping details with.

Cheers for the offer of the thread, though.

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Mario 64 arrived this morning, the strap is more or less useless, since theres nothing that keeps your thumb in-place. (The strap itself is fine,but that tiny part missing makes a big difference.)

Any ideas? Elastic bands? Glue? Simply buying a old-style strap from somewhere...

I'm just annoyed Nintendo didn't think about this :)

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Today's the day!


Do you know when the Nintendo DS Lite is coming out in the states?

Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact I do.

And do you know how much it's going to retail for?

Of course. That information was given out pretty much at the same time as the release date.

What about colors? Surely you don't know what colors it's going to ship in when it's released here...

Actually, yep. Sure do.

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Hmm. Now I'm tempted to sell my Enamel Navy now to pay towards that PSP with Gitaroo Man, then get the white DS from VGP in June...

Decisions, decisions. :wub:

Yeah, the PSP is quickly becoming a must-own machine. I must own one. Quickly. And as soon as my brother in law in Japan gets his arse in gear, I will.

Lazy fucker.

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The price of $130 is less than I thought it would be. I was expecting $150 in the US and then a price of £100 when it was released here. Of course I am saying this having just spent £140 on a Japanese white DS Lite with stepdown and I was expecting the prices including shipping to be comparable. $130 is less than the original DS went on sale for isn't it?

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Ooooh Im so tempted to import a US one now.

Silly question time, for those that imported Japanese ones are there any issues surrounding online play with imported consoles here in the uk I need concern myself about?

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