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I dreamt that my white (original) DS got totally broke last night :rolleyes:

I was actually shocked by how much it upset me; even the realisation that I could replace it with a DS Lite wasn't enough to cheer me up sufficiently.

So I think I'll be sticking with it for some time to come, even though I will harbour envy and resentment for all you new-fangled Lite owners ;)

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Can it still be flashed, or did they hide away the SL1 hole?

As much as I like the redesign, I'm not going back to 1 game at a time.

.::: You want to flash the firmware? Wha? Don't you just mean using a flash-cart? (For which there's no reason to assume it won't work.)

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if you know your DSlite is winging it's way over Russia on it's merry way here can you say what vendor you got it from and when?

Just so those of us who ordered in mid/late Feb get an idea of how much longer we might have to wait.

You'd think with that screen though it'd have enough power to fly itself over. You'd probably be able to see it approaching from miles away. They'd just let them out into the humid Hong Kong air....they know the way home.

[marty]Are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?[/marty]

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