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The House Music Thread


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I wish those old Thomas Bangalter tracks were available to buy digitally. I have a couple of Roule twelves in the house, but not Trax on the Rocks. Although I think a couple of tunes were featured on the Irreversible soundtrack. 

Here’s some quality deep house from 1993. There are remixes from MAW and Timmy ‘Shelter’ Regisford, but they don’t stray far from the original, which is clean simple and elegant. 


Ten City - Fantasy



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Spotify played Love Story by Layo and Bushwacka after I listened to Leftfield's new album earlier.  I prefer this, which I came to via a Tyrant mix CD (Craig Richards and Lee Burridge).  As 'Tommy Townsend' says in the comments: "one for the more mature coffee table, MUCHO BUENO."



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Some gems on this 1989 Jackmaster compilation I grabbed a couple of weeks ago.



Female vocal deep house with a hint of acid - a really nice groove.

Shame about the slightly muffled mix-down, but this is the only place to find this particular track.

Chip E. - No Reason



And the absolute classic that I purchased the album for a digital copy of....

Fast Eddie - I Can Dance


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I think most of everything from this era has that muffled sound quality. It's all part of the charm! It still amazes me how hard some of it sounds though, this tune for instance is nearly 40 years old and still completely goes off. The London mix ix clearly the best version too. 



Also, I love that the later Dance Mania ghetto house stuff is coming back around. I heard Lefto play a bunch of it and people were losing their minds. So much of it sounds like it came out next week. As raw as it gets.



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