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Draenor, Draenor, Where Have You Gone?


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Is Draenor not appearing for anyone else on the realm select screen?

After a quick hop onto VC last night, it dissapeared and it didn't seem to be back this morning, despite it being up and running fine.

It's finally got me to reinstall the damn game though. Hopefully that'll sort it and some of the random freezes and general sluggishness too.

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Sounds like 'obvious advice' but have you checked the entire realm status list?

It's not noted for always being sorted correctly in my experience...

Clicking the header of the "No of characters on realm" column puts the realms you use most at the top of list usually tho...

Didn't they recently change Draenor to a "no new characters" realm - or was that somewhere else tho? If they did, perhaps they borked something in the process??

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You didn't get drunk and delete them in a fit of pique or anything, did you?

I don't need to be drunk to do that.

But anyway, sorted now. It appears I'm just blind...and the game is too.


At least it runs smoother now (till the next daily patch).

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It'll be the database where they keep your character info being a laggy piece of shit. When you get the massive delays with "Retrieving character list", sometimes it doesn't even get how many characters you've got on a realm quickly enough for the realm list to display it, so it says you haven't got any. Once you actually dig through the list and select the ream, though, and then wait for it to actually go and get your character list, it works fine.

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