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Timesplitters Future Perfect


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I really enjoyed the single player aspect of the game - especially all the future/present overlapping. The cut scene animation is also fantastically produced. Maybe it's just me, but I like shooting stuff with a 70s sidekick.

I honestly think the cutscenes and animation of the main charcters are some of the best around. The bit in the lift in one of the future levels is brilliant.

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A fiver well spent, in my opinion. The story mode was funny, but the levels weren't as good as in TS2 - I wasn't enthralled by the future levels that made up the bulk of the game. Part of the appeal of the Timesplitters series has always been the variety in the levels, but with only five non-future levels out of 13, it's a bit annoying. The within-level time-travelling was a nice touch though.

Challenges are great fun, as expected.

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Really didn't get on with TS2, but this was most enjoyable. Lots of character, some nice meaty weapons and unlike TS2, it all gels together well. Lots of fun and down right essential at a fiver.

As a complete aside, WTF are "Pregnancy Piercings" and what in the name of all that is holy, do they have to do with this thread? I ask as the Google Ads on this page are for the usual video game stuff, but with "pregnancy piercings" added to the end.

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played this online the other day, was pretty enjoyable with some people you know. but best to host the game yourself so you can kick anyone who uses twatty characters like the monkey or that cunting floating snowman

PS2 and all haha

I thought they had patched it online to give you an option to ban small characters?

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