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Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pan's Labyrinth'

Roboplegic Wrongcock

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They showed this at the Frightfest film festival last weekend in London, Odeon West End as an early public screening. A very interesting and moving film, though i'm not sure i fully understood the message it was trying to put across. The director also turned up to do an intro and q&a afterwards which was great to see how passionate he was about it (he actually put all of his salary into the making of it). Imo, it's well worth seeing when it comes out, though because of the subject matter and spanish language/subtitles it probably won't get the success it deserves :\

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It looks stunning and I've only heard good stuff from those who have seen it. Sure, the subtitles might harm the box office but the movie still deserves to be a success. They should release wide, with subtitles in place no crappy dubbing) and just see what happens.

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Watched this the other day, thought it was superb.

Not a big fan of the director before watching Pan's Labyrinth but I certainly am now.

Shamlamalamalam could learn a lesson or two on how to bring a fantasy/fairy story to the screen.

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