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Fight Night Round 3 Demo


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I'm suprised that so many people weren't considering this before playing the demo, the other Fight Night games got loads of love on here from people who played them. Some of my favourite sports games of the last-gen.

I wasn't aware of this. I only ever use TPC, but I'm not sure how to do a haymaker. Can anyone clear that up for me?

Try watching this video - Link. Haymakers are basically the same, you just don't need to wind them up so much - take off loads of your stamina so don't go too crazy. I can do them better than explain it.

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I can't wait for this, seeing the video of it a while back persuaded me I had to get a 360. I've had both the previous Fight Nights and loved them so it was a given I'd get this, just can't wait. Any of you lot boxing fans or are most peeps here getting this purely because of the demo? Oh and Is there a confirmed roster yet?

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